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Marble Flooring: Add a Touch of Luxuriousness to your Home

Marble is the ultimate flooring material that has always been a statement of luxury for the wealthy. The Greeks, Romans, and Indians have used marble for various purposes from sculpting a statue to glorifying it as a symbol of wealth. Despite being difficult to extract, marble is still widely used wherever one needs a classy and timeless look. Ancient Indian architectural marvels such as the Taj Mahal are great examples of its popularity.

Marble flooring lasts longer, requires less maintenance, and offers a multitude of choices followed by splendid beauty. Home interior design projects usually select marble as their prime option for flooring.

If you’re planning to add marble to your lovely abode, then here are 10 impeccable marble floor designs that are worth checking out!

1) White marble floor idea

One cannot go wrong with white when it comes to marble floor design. White marble is the most classic and aesthetically appealing design. The simplicity of this design brightens up any interior space. It is the epitome of serenity and gives the interior a refreshing look. Using this marble for flooring allows the homeowners to create a contrasting look by experimenting with other colors. A white marble flooring can make the interior feel more clean, open, spacious, and intricate. AGL tiles have an incredible variety of white marble, sorted out in numerous series such as Victorian and Empyrean white.

2) Geometric design

Geometric marble floor design can be used for your next home design project. If you find the simple designs boring, then experimenting with intriguing geometric shapes is a wonderful option. Using a mix of two or more colors a detailed marble floor can be created. It can serve as a great design for the living room.

3) Marble border design

This is a simple yet perfect flooring design to encompass multiple colors and pair it off with suitable furniture. A luxurious vibe in the living room can be built by using white marble in the middle and some dark shade of marble for the border near the walls.

Moreover, other options such as an oval-shaped border around the dining table, or combining two distinct colored marbles into a striking pattern are great as well. Marble border flooring works flawlessly with large spaces too and offers ample potential.

4) Italian marble floor

Italian marble has always been in trend and will continue to do so all because of its impressive characteristics. Italian marbles are imported from Italy and that affects their cost. It holds the reputation of adding a subtle touch of luxuriousness and posh wherever used. In addition, these marbles are luster, crystal-like, and are available in a wide variety of premium colors. Italian marble is the perfect material to decorate your flooring if you want to light up the room.

5) Chips marble floor design

Terrazzo flooring idea dates back to 16th century Italy, regardless of that it’s still popular among homeowners. It is a type of flooring where marble chips are embedded in concrete or cement to create vibrant flooring. The best thing about terrazzo flooring is the freedom of customization that it offers. Chips marble of any size and any color can be applied as per preference. Terrazzo flooring was extensively used in old-age homes in India and is still in usage!

6) Marble floor flower design

Floral motifs have always been in the game and were adored by ancient rulers by embracing their castles with enormous and colorful marble motifs.

Flower designs are spot on for huge spaces like lobbies. It has been largely used in hotel reception areas and banquettes. Ideally, they’re to be placed in the center to get the most out of the look and are well harmonized with the surroundings. You can integrate these stunning motif floorings at the entrance, and other spaces where the furniture is nominal.

7) Black & white marble flooring

Can’t decide between black and white marble? Then go for both of them!

The popular combination of black and white marble has been in use since the Victorian period. This combination gives you the best of both worlds and goes well with neutral color hues. The classic black and white chequered marble flooring are one of the ways to use them.

AGL tiles offer a great range of marble in both white and black colors to complete the look of your house.

8) Granite marble flooring

Granite flooring has been in trend due to its ability to look elegant everywhere. Light shades of granite always work best with smaller spaces. Not just that but granite looks classy because of its natural appearance. Granite comes in different textures that can be amalgamated to create desired looks or just keep it minimalistic by only using one.

Granite offers amazing summertime relief as it tends to get cold. It is also an extraordinary pick for creating captivating patterns on the floor.

9) Zebra marble flooring

Nature is full of spectacular living beings, Zebra is one of them and this marble flooring design depicts it. The wavy and organic white pattern on the black marble paints an interesting and life-like appearance of Zebra skin that can be your floor. These marbles fit best in the hallways as they lean to blend effortlessly with the interior. Also, different colors of marble such as white and brown can be used to create custom Zebra flooring.

10) Beige marble design

Beige marble floor design surely never dies out, owing to its accessibility and elegance. It is one of the most used marble floorings and often fits greatly with the background. Beige marble radiates warmth and sophistication just like the color beige’s properties.

AGL tiles’ Crystal series includes 3 different styles and shades of beige marble to choose from.

These were the top designs that you can select for your house. Although, the list could go on endlessly as the marble flooring designs are practically limitless. The marbles can be incorporated into any interior design by making them the focal point.

No matter what color or design you may select, the luxurious look is sure to come up with AGL’s exotic marble range!

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