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The title of this article is a clear indication of the content included. When I was browsing the web for Express Entry and Canada PR, I came across two terms, 67 points calculator and CRS points. “Points” was a common attribute in both, and that made it slightly confusing for me. I aim to write this article to satisfy my curiosity and help everyone going through the same confusion.

There are three programs to enter into the Express Entry Pool.
  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. Federal Skilled Trade Program
  3. Canadian  Experience Class Program

67 points immigration Canada specifically works for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

67 points and the CRS calculator are very distinct from each other but are often confusing. Below are the points which will clearly tell you about the differences they have.

67 points calculator is the eligibility criteria tool. It simply means the 67 points will only tell you whether you are or you are not eligible under FSWP program in Express Entry. Imagine you are planning to apply for the Express Entry, but you are not sure whether you are eligible or not under the above mentioned programs. To know your eligibility you need to create your Express Entry profile online.  After filling the required data, during the creation of your Express Entry profile, the website will show you which one of three categories you are eligible for.


67 points calculator will only work for the Federal Skilled Worker Program and not for Canadian Experience Class or the Federal Skilled Trades Worker.  Once you qualify the Federal Skilled Worker Program, it automatically implies that you had gained 67 points in the eligibility tool. After being assigned the Express Entry program, you will now enter the Express Entry pool. Nevertheless, keep the thing in mind you are eligible for the entry not for the invite.

The CRS tool or the CRS Calculator

CRS score calculator or the Comprehensive Ranking System is a ranking system that ranks all the eligible Express Entry profiles in the pool. CRS will issue ITAs or Invitation to Apply to those immigrants who have a score higher than the lowest CRS cut-off. In simpler terms, 67 points will qualify you to submit your profile in the Express Entry but only under the FSWP Program. The CRS score calculator, on the other hand, will decide whether you can get the ITA or not.


I have mentioned before that the 67 points will only be applicable for the Federal Skilled Worker Program and is one of the eligibility criteria. However, if we look at the CRS score calculator, it covers all the three programs of Express Entry system. It simply means, where 67 points calculator has its own specific domain (FSWP program), the CRS covers other domains as well as the Federal Skilled Worker program. Even though they both give points, the conclusion is simple: they are very different from each other.

Factors for the allotment of points

In this section, we will discuss the most important difference, or the most confusing one. As we all know both have basic similarity of providing points, but they both have different criteria for awarding the points.

  1. Visibility: After giving the basic details to the Express Entry profile builder, the page directly shows you that you are eligible under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. This implies that you successfully scored the required 67 points. In this whole process, you don’t get to know how many points you received and under which section. If we observe the CRS, we can clearly see and understand where we received the points and where we didn’t.
  2.  Number of points: they both assign you the points, but there is one basic difference that is total no. of points. The total no. of CRS points are 1200 and on the other side, in the 67 points calculator the total no. of points are just 100. This is one of the most important difference between the both.
  3. Awarding points factors: before Express Entry, you should fulfil the eligibility criteria of any one of the programs. 67 points is one of the parts of the pre-submission process. In this you will get points on the basis of your age, education, language proficiency, job offer, work experience and adaptability. You score points for each of these sections. And if the total of entire awarded points is 67 or more out of 100, then you are eligible for entering into the pool as a Federal Skilled Worker.

The CRS ranks immigrants after they have qualified the Express Entry program. It comes into play after entering into the pool. In 67 points calculator, if you score above 67 points, you are eligible, but it’s not the same in CRS. In CRS, no matter how many points you earn it totally depends on the CRS cut off. There’s no specific limit in the CRS that if you score more than this, you are selected. Every two weeks, Express Entry draws happen, and for each draw is a specific CRS cut-off. This CRS cut-off is varied with every single Express Entry draw and is never fixed.

  1. Additional points The CRS also has an Additional points feature. On the other hand, the 67 eligibility tool only has the minimum eligibility criteria. In the CRS, there is a specific section for the additional points. The best example for additional points is the Provincial Nomination program. If a Canadian province nominates an applicant, he  gets 600 additional points in the CRS calculator.

Although often misunderstood, the CRS and 67 points calculator are two different tools for different purposes. Fake consultants con gullible people and showcase only the 67 points eligibility criteria for Express Entry. Thus, they give false hope to vulnerable applicants. To safeguard yourself from such frauds and exploitation, you must go through the ICCRC Canada members list. This list helps you to know and verify the name of the licensed and authorized immigration consultant practitioner.  It is a government verified list and will help you to get the best immigration help. It contains all the names of the registered consultants who are active and in good standing. The representatives who have had their license suspended are also in the list.


Immigration consultants in Delhi can be achieved with the help of immigration consultants in India. You just need to check your eligibility and requirements before applying for any of the program. Check your CRS score before applying for Canada PR. CRS score calculator

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