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Fabric is the foremost feature of any clothing. The actual overall look depends upon the material. And if in this, things go out of hand then later when the final outfit you’ll wear things might mess up a bit. As it is the fabric that matters more than embroidery or any other thing on it. Sometimes it happens that heavy embroidery or laces are mended on net fabric. It may look exceptional but alone net cloth can’t bear heavy work. Instead, a strong fabric should be used to hold on to heavy laces or tussles, etc. Some clothes like wedding dresses or any heavy outfit are purchased for special occasions. And it is hard to make changes with them. 

Choosing the right fabric may be tricky, especially for those who don’t know about fabrics. They vary in sustainability and durability. 

Fabriclore is a place where you can expand your knowledge about fabrics. It is India’s leading Fabric Manufacturer store, providing its customers with high-quality and sustainable products. We provide our services in India, USA, UK, and Canada. Working with independent artisans, local boutiques, and manufacturers all over India. Each fabric is made under the supervision of our skilled members. Above all, it adds the flavor of creating a social impact on society. Its fabric manufacturing and packaging are both environmentally friendly. We sell wholesale fabric as well as retail quantities and prices. If you need any help in styling clothes, our skilled in-house designers will assist you with everything. 

Four cardinal features while selecting the right fabric company that you should never miss.

Material of fabric


A soft, fluffy fiber is beneficial for every skin type. It is known for its durability and sustainability. It provides ultimate comfort to all age groups and every gender. Henceforth, it is widely used for clothing like Kurtis, dresses, tulip dresses, and many more. Also known as the coolest fabric. This is best for summer use in formal, casual, or sometimes for special days. Comfort in any season is its main feature. 


It is the world’s strongest natural fiber and is far more durable than cotton. It is created from extremely fine fibers to make it everlasting. It’s luxurious fabric and naturally, insect repelling. It is broadly used for pants, skirts, palazzos, and traditional Indian wear. Especially men prefer this fabric material.


A semi-synthetic fiber, that is light in weight is proficient for sportswear and summers. It is highly absorbent, and breathable and its texture is soft. Its fine qualities give a perfect fit for you to make peplum dresses, gowns, asymmetrical dresses, and many more. Dye in any color you want, as it holds on to it making your outfit stand out.

Hand painted fabric

Weaving of Fabric 

Initially, foremost thing is to select the best quality yarns. Afterward, the weight, which makes the fabric strong and soft. The procedure of arranging two sets of yarns together to make a fabric. Likewise, it is crucial yet the most ignored process. The quality of fabric depends upon the well-balanced patterns of weaving. By touching the fabric you can make out the difference between the pure and synthetic fabric.

Types of Fabrics


Recently, customization is trending, and to make this procedure easy prints are done on fabrics. Various methods are used like, hand block, screen, and digital Print Fabric. But the benefit of printing is that it can be done on a larger scale. Hand blocks create an impact and a special identity to your style. 


Another way to look different from the crowd is by opting for tie and dye, Ikat, Ajrak, Batik, Kalamkari, and many others. It creates a different glam to your style. As all the artisans stay behind the curtain. It is hard to have access to this beauty as it is found very rarely. But for the ones who have access to it, nothing is rarer than this. It keeps in touch with the culture that we miss in our day-to-day lives. Recently, it has gained popularity as everyone is trying to go back to their roots.


Art for which we crave the most. The festive or wedding season is incomplete without embroidery on the fabric. A perfect embellishment is all you need this season. Mirror work mended on the fabric makes you shine all day and night. Although it costs a bit, when this outfit is worn on any occasion, it gives a royal touch. 

Properties of fabric

Touch and feel

The moment you touch the fabrics, you should have a feeling of keeping it forever. When you touch the cotton fabric, you automatically get a cool breeze. On the other hand, touching silk, chiffon, or georgette they are quite soft and hence give you a luxurious sense. Even if you want to wear clothes for a longer time, the cloth shouldn’t pinch your body. The touch of the fabric keeps you alive all day long.

Fall and drape

The choice of fabrics is made with the drape it gives. Many fabrics give you a stiff, flowy, fluffy look depending on their nature. Choosing a fabric with these qualities is important as it highly depends on where you want to wear them. For instance, if you want an evening gown, cotton won’t give you as much fall as chiffon. 


We buy garments for reuse purposes. For that to check its sustainability and durability of it, is important. Understand the fabrics and its properties to use them efficiently. Many fabrics need special care such as pure fabrics like silk, or pure chiffon. Special attention is needed or else the fabrics loses its sustainability.  

Finally, before you buy any fabric all these aforementioned are must check. And Fabriclore is the place where you find all these qualities at once. We offer a wide range of fabrics from cotton, linen, polyester, modal silk, Viscose, chiffon, and many more. With special arts like pintucks, fadat, mashru, dabu, and various others. We prioritize your needs and make amends according to them.

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