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16 Kitchen colour schemes and ideas for combinations

Color makes all the difference in a room, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Exploring kitchen colour schemes allows you to imagine which shades, or combinations of shades, might work in your space.

Color palettes for kitchen ideas can drastically alter your perception of the space. It can make a room feel larger or smaller, warmer or colder, brighter or darker. Kitchen colour schemes also allow you to express your personality in a room where you spend a lot of time.

Before choosing a colour scheme, consider the shape and style of your room. And, most importantly, how much natural light it receives – and from what direction – as you should for any interior DIY and decorating project.

Kitchen colour schemes

Color theory is the best way to choose kitchen colour schemes. Complementary colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel and will create a strong contrast with a vibrant feel, whereas colours near each other on the wheel will give your scheme a more relaxed vibe. If you want affordable and unique kitchen design You can contact a home interior manufacturer near you. For example, if you live in Noida, India you can contact an Interior designer in Noida or a modular kitchen manufacturer in Noida.

1. Kitchen colour schemes | Make a statement

Create a focal point in the kitchen with a white marble blue cabinet with book shelves, potted plants, and a painting. Color drenching is one of the most popular interior paint trends right now. Use this as inspiration for your kitchen colour schemes, but keep it livable. The trick is to choose a bold and bright colour and use it on cabinetry and walls. To avoid going overboard, keep your splashback in a neutral tone. This will give you visual breathing room and keep you from becoming bored with your daring choice.

2. Kitchen colour schemes| Opt for classic looks.

Kitchen with white countertop fruits and wash basin with faucet kitchen crockery and microwave

Color in a kitchen does not always have to be bright or loud. A muted tone can help you accomplish a lot. Any colour that contains a lot of grey, like deep blues and greens, can be used as a neutral.

With these colours, you can have as much as you want in the space without it looking too dramatic. Add contrasting worksurfaces in the brightest whites for a contemporary twist.

3. Kitchen colour schemes | Embrace pastels

Adopt a pastel kitchen with white walls, a pink cabinet, a potted plant, and a microwave. Pastel colours are often restricted to bathrooms and bedrooms. Turn this on its head by making it one of your kitchen colour schemes. Pink kitchen ideas go especially well with bronzes and brass, so you can add a lot of warmth with your hardware. Choose a grey-toned pink to keep the look from looking too sickly sweet. This will be more mature.

4. Kitchen colour schemes |Use colour cleverly

Use colour wisely in a kitchen with wooden flooring, white walls, a rectangle wash basin with faucet, a white marble countertop, and wooden chairs. Kitchen colour schemes can be used to add interest to unexpected areas. Baseboards on islands, cabinet backs, and drawer interiors can all be painted to match the cabinetry. This adds a cool impact without being overwhelming or too in your face.

5. Kitchen colour schemes| Opt for monochrome scheme

Select a monochrome scheme kitchen with black cabinetry, white flooring, and kitchen crockery with vegetables, fruits, and eggs in basket. White kitchens will never go away, so why not find a new way to use them? Instead of white cabinets, use white as a highlight and a strong black as your main colour. Cover the cabinets and main accessories in black, and add white slices to break it up – on the floor, on splashbacks.

Just make sure your kitchen gets enough natural light so that it doesn’t feel too dark in the evening.

6. Kitchen colour schemes | Go for bright cabinetry

Select a bright cabinetry kitchen with white walls and white brick white tiles wall with green cabinet and white marble countertop and microwave. We love bright, eye-catching kitchen colour schemes, but it can seem like a big commitment. After all, it’s not a room you want to redecorate frequently. Get the best of both worlds by leaving walls and tiling in neutral colours, as these are the most difficult and expensive to change. Then, in your favourite right, paint your cabinetry.

Learn how to paint kitchen cabinets so that if you want to make a change in the future, it won’t take too much time or effort.

7. Find your dream colour combo

Find your ideal colour scheme, such as a kitchen with white marble on the walls, a rectangle wash basin with a faucet, and book shelves with potted plants. Mix and match two distinctly different colours in your kitchen for a unique and fun look. Color wheels can help you find your perfect match, but a good rule of thumb is that if they have the same undertone, they should complement each other.

Also, make sure that both colours work well with any hardware. You don’t want one that looks good with chrome and another that looks good with a warmer metal.

8. Kitchen colour schemes | Add pops of colour

Include pops of colour in the kitchen with white cabinets, white walls, and a white marble countertop with a microwave.Color can be added to your kitchen with accessories and tiling. If you have two favourite brights that you want to use together, this can be a great way to incorporate both. Choose one for tiling and the other for kitchen accessories and decorative elements. Go big and bold with the latter, as you can easily switch them out if you get tired of them.

9. Kitchen colour schemes | Make impact with shelving

Make a statement with shelving kitchen with walled grey tiles. wooden countertop with rectangle wash basin and clay pots. Open shelving kills two birds with one stone. It will make your kitchen feel more modern than closed storage, but it will also provide you with the perfect area to add colourful elements that you can switch in and out with the seasons or as your tastes change. Consider painting the shelves a cool contrasting colour to the walls behind them to add to your kitchen colour ideas.

10. Create a coastal colour scheme

kitchen with white brick tiles on the wall kitchen crockery and white cabinet with microwave blue stool chair
A coastal palette of gentle blues paired with off-white and grey kitchen ideas is a particularly versatile choice for a fresh look. It’s also far more forgiving than a bright white kitchen.

Layer colours, perhaps opting for units in two or three shades and using tiles and paint to create a clean but warm and inviting scheme.

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11. Kitchen colour schemes| Use colour in unexpected places

kitchen with white brick tiles wall rectangle wash basin with white marble countertop and kitchen crockery clock with fruits. Don’t limit pattern to the walls; instead, make a statement with your flooring. Try black-and-white tiles in a geometric pattern for a sophisticated yet playful look. Combine simple white ceramic brick tiles with dark grout to give a nod to industrial design with a touch of nostalgia.

Stuck with white grout? As a quick fix, fill it in with a grey grout pen.

12. Kitchen colour schemes |Paint it white

Paint the kitchen white, with white walls, white wooden flooring, and a white marble countertop with a microwave. With a glossy white kitchen idea, embrace minimalist style. Choose a simple scheme with plenty of glam touches and design-led details. Paint the walls with a durable kitchen paint that allows you to easily wipe away spills.

Why not add depth by installing a splashback made of textured white tiles? White gloss units blend in with the walls. Select a white fitted oven and matching appliances for consistency.

13. Use contrasting colours to make an impact

View colours in a kitchen with red and white cabinetry, a microwave, a white brick wall design, and a clock on the wall. This modern red kitchen design is daring but simple to execute. Choose shiny high-gloss units in a vibrant primary colour to add a real wow factor. Combine a bright kitchen colour scheme with white worktops and wall cabinets to keep the space feeling light and open.

Finally, use striped vinyl flooring to add a pop of colour. To add to the sense of space, run the lines down the length of the room.

14. Create a vintage vibe with bold florals and fresh pastels

Create a vintage vibe with bold florals and fresh pastels kitchen with floral wallpaper wooden flooring dinning table and chair with white cabinet and chair with cushions Celebrate spring all year long with pretty kitchen colour schemes that are full of colour and pattern. Choose a colourful oversized floral wallpaper for a bold, vintage look. Limit it to one wall and leave the rest white for a fresh, modern take on shabby chic.

Complement floral walls with matching cushions and blind fabrics. It’s fine to mix prints, but try to stick to one colour palette. Make less patterned accessories pop by opting for white country-style furniture.

15. Add colour with accessories

kitchen with white walls, blue cabinet, rectangle wash basin with faucet, kitchen crockery, and flower in basket Why not experiment with colour and texture by combining hand painted bowls and coloured glassware to add personality to a table? Table mats and napkins are not only functional, but they also add pattern and fun to the kitchen.

Invest in classic shapes in quality ware for kitchen staples such as wine glasses, everyday glasses, and porcelain dinnerware because they will last a long time.

Building a collection of treasured pieces, whether blue-and-white china ware, copper pans, stoneware, or antique plates, is a good way to introduce a splash of consistent colour into a scheme while also adding a decorative touch.

16. Don’t be afraid to go for a bold colour kitchen with grey cabinets.

Grey floor tiles a wooden dining table with chairs and potted plants fruit on a wooden countertop To avoid overpowering colour, use it sparingly, perhaps to highlight a key focal point, or keep it below your direct line of sight as you enter the kitchen. Consider scale as well: a large kitchen can handle a much larger burst of colour. To make a strong kitchen colour scheme appear considered, pair it with matching accessories.

What is the best colour for a kitchen?

Simply put, the best colour for your kitchen depends on the space itself. Every kitchen is unique, and thus responds better to different colours. Consider the lighting in your space, both natural and artificial. Then determine whether the natural light is cool easterly light or warm westerly light. Colors will appear differently in each of these. A cool shade in a north or easterly room may appear too cold, but it can be easily warmed up with different lighting. There are no ‘wrong’ colours for a kitchen, as simply selecting the right tone of your chosen colour can make all the difference.

How do I pick a colour scheme for my kitchen?

Consider how you intend to use the space. Is it only for cooking? In this case, you’ll want a functional, bright space. If you entertain there, you might want a colour that can become moody. If you work there or your children do their homework there, you might want an energising shade. Color theory is a fascinating subject to investigate. Some believe that reds can spark conversation, which is ideal for dinner parties. Some even believe that soft terracottas can aid digestion! Yellow is a naturally energising colour, making it ideal for a busy kitchen where everyone needs to get things done quickly in the morning.

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