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Most Popular Cosmetic Trends in 2021

Beauty trends tend to always grow and change over time. Every passing year brings us  a new set of trends, be it skin tightening, Botox or fillers. However, this year, Covid has entirely changed our lifestyles and has put more focus on self-care. Due to the closure of spas and salons, people are more attracted to the skincare treatments such as Hydra Facial MD, Blue light protection, facial optimizations, etc.

Cosmetic Treatments

Because of the current pandemic situation, lockdowns are imposed everywhere globally. This is why all the organizations have implemented a work from home policy. Educational institutions have also shifted to in-house learning. This change has substantially increased the usage of laptops and other gadgets. So, people have to be more presentable in front of their screens. Face treatments make people more attractive. This is why the trend of face care treatments has tremendously increased over the past few months. 

Consequently, different facials are introduced for clearing the skin. A salt facial is a famous 3-in-1 treatment that uses the detoxifying properties of salt for replenishing your skin. In just one hour, it can give you glowing skin.

Use of Face Care Products

Face masks have also become the new norm and a compulsion during the recent few months. Wearing masks makes the skin prone to irritation, rashes, and pimples. People having sensitive skin face many skin problems because of masks.

Therefore, facial care is the essential trend of 2021. Products like acne-preventing face masks, oil control face wash, face soothing lotion and acne creams are pretty popular this year. So, if you’re going to buy beauty products, invest in some good quality skincare products.

Eye Makeup

Because of the increasing use of masks, eyes have become the most prominent facial feature. Therefore, to enhance their beauty, applying eye makeup has become the top cosmetic trend in 2021.

The main reason behind this trend is to boost self-confidence and have an impressive personality. Everyone has to look good and as since this is the only visible feature these days is the eyes, so everyone wants them to look appealing. There is no limit for using makeup to add colour and texture to your eyes.

Currently, Monochrome eyeshades are pretty popular these days as they give a perfect colour to one’s eyes without creating a heavy look. Similarly, coloured mascaras are in trend to create a funky touch. Another important trend among eye makeup is the use of eyeliner to give your makeup a final and refined look.

Lipstick Trends

2020 has been the year of pouty lips. Even though the trend of getting Lip Filler Dubai is still on the rise, the importance of pout seems to be significantly reduced around this time. However, that does not mean our lips should be ignored. In 2021, while doing Zoom calls, Instagram videos, there is a need to give bright and bold colour to your lips. Therefore, to make your lips look more appealing and attractive, use bold lipsticks. 

These are some of the cosmetic and beauty trends that are gaining popularity in 2021. People are adopting them to become more attractive.

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