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Home Value Rises With Great Flooring

Are you on the verge of a home sale? Do you think your home has what it takes to attract a great sale? If yes, think again. Let’s say you have remodelled the kitchen (wow! that’s great). And you have decluttered the building such that nothing called trash is left behind. You may have even repainted the house – including the doors and windows – that’s fantastic! But what about the floor? Yes, that spread upon which all other renovation has been done. Have you thought of it? A great way to up your home sale is by changing that floor.

What matters first?

There is no denying that what you see as you enter into a home is the floor – this fixture catches your eye first! And yes, a great floor is the next “door” that says “welcome” after the real door has been opened. People naturally look at a property from the floor to the walls and up to the ceiling before taking time to look at the designs and fittings. So, you can see that flooring plays a great role in how a property looks. It also affects the feel.

Okay, the flooring needs an upgrade, right? No problem. But what kind of floor is the right pick? When you look at the market, it is saturated with different types of beautifully designed flooring, so much so that one gets confused about making a choice. Great colours and finishes are available, from wooden, laminate, vinyl, stone to carpet floors.

What floor should you choose?

Where you have a robust budget, a very good flooring option is wood. Compared to carpet, wooden floor is more durable, easy to clean and doesn’t wear off quickly. The ease of cleaning wooden floors is an advantage for when you’re having an open house and many agents and potential buyers are coming over to look. Come to think of it; a wooden floor is a luxury! It’s got class and style. And we do know that elegance is expensive. But your aim is to give the house more value and sell it off, so spending a lot of money on flooring like wood may not be a good idea. Where does this leave you? It takes you straight up to an alternative option that is way less pricey – welcome to the world of luxury vinyl flooring.

Why should you go for vinyl flooring?

First, when you take a look at vinyl flooring, it resembles natural wood. This is the first attraction. But is that all? No. There are other loads of benefits that come with vinyl flooring:

  • It takes a simple mop or brush to leave the floor sparkling clean and new – Cleaning a vinyl floor doesn’t demand much as simple homemade cleaning products can wipe off any stain or dirt, leaving a clear floor.
  • It provides warmth for both pets and family members – Following its compatibility with underfloor heating, this flooring type can keep cats, dogs and humans warm as they lie on or walk over the floor.
  • Installation is simple – Fitting a vinyl floor is a seamless task. It takes the services of professionals to get it done.
  • It is a cost-effective flooring alternative – Unlike other floor types like marble that cost a fortune, you have classic and affordable flooring in vinyl tiles. Their low maintenance cost is another merit.

If the above sounds like what you have been looking for all this time, simply contact MM Carpets to peruse our fascinating collection of luxury vinyl floors for homes.

Bottom line

A good home sale is guaranteed when the fixtures and fittings are valuable – and flooring is an indispensable part of this. Homeowners often neglect this aspect when it comes to selling a house. The flooring is as important as the kitchen benchtop and any other perceived part of your home that could make it have a high price in a sale.

Should you need experienced flooring fitters in London to install vinyl floors.

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