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You can play gartic phone , a crazy and fun sketching game that is free to play right now on your computer or phone.

You can play gartic phone , a crazy and fun sketching game that is free to play right now on your computer or phone. Get ahead of the other players and win first place by drawing and guessing faster than they can. This game has a lot of different ways to play. Up to thirty people can play at the same time, and there are twelve different ways to play. When everything is ready, choose a topic and build a place where you and your friends can draw, make educated guesses, and have fun.
What to do
On our website, you can already buy the gartic phone . Click “Play Game” on the screen to start the game. After that, you can change your username and choose the language, if you want. Lastly, press “Play” if you’re playing by yourself or “Rooms” if you and your friends have already made a room. Also, if you want to share a private room with your friends, press “Rooms” and then “New Room.” Here, you can choose the number of players, scores, languages, and game modes, and then send your friends a link to play together.
Game Modes
Normal Mode: In this most basic mode, the player has to write and draw until the last person.
Copy Mode: In this mode, the player has to copy the drawing as quickly as possible while the clock is ticking. The problem is that you can’t go back and look at what you’ve already drawn. You will have to remember it to be able to draw it again. Playing Gartic Phone is a great way to train yourself to have an amazing memory.
In Secret Mode, all of a player’s actions, like drawings and words, will be kept secret.
All of the players will work together to make new animations in Animation Mode.
Ice Break Mode: The last stage is the most interesting part of this mode. The works of the people who play will be shown on the game shows. After that, you can think about and argue about what the real meaning of the original image was.
Add-on Mode is a new mode that requires you to have a full sketch.
Scoring Mode: In this mode, all players must try to remember what the words and pictures mean.
Speed Mode: In this mode, the clock is ticking, so draw as quickly as you can and finish your mission before time runs out.
Sandwich Mode: In Sandwich Mode, the player has to write and draw from the beginning to the end, and then they have to describe the last drawing to end the round.
Crowd Mode is the mode that is fast and has fewer turns.
Background Image Mode: This is a new mode that will make a background image that stays with your photos.
In the “Alone Mode,” you can draw your own picture. You will have to fill out five frames. At each step, you can see your previous design so you can keep track of it and make any changes you need. This Gartic Phone mode can only be played by yourself.
Gartic Phone is a great way to have fun and relieve stress because it is one of the best party games available today. It is funny and can be played by people of all ages, and you can show off your drawing skills in a fun way. This is because it is one of the best party games available right now.
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What to do
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What to do
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What to do
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What to do
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