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Brand Needs Memorable Logos

According to the research, the most memorable and recognize logos able to the general public are simple, clear, and straightforward. Before we expound further into what makes the logo memorable. Let’s look into what a logo really is. If you look upon the web or book the literal definition of the logo not only undersells it but is patronizing as well.

Okay, we get it! It is a symbol, a mark, an emblem but what purpose does it serve? Why was it made in the first place? And who can use it? Well, for starters it is just not any mark or symbol it is the icon that gives your brand the visual identity, it is the unique symbol that gives you a distinct identity among the plethora of other brands, it is ‘the face’ which tells the customers that Yes! I can be trusted can be a part of your, and I can relieve your worries.

So when you plan on starting your own business, start on the right foot. Invest in your logo, thoroughly research the logo design agencies that also understand that logo is an important aspect of your business and it is the first step to your business success.

A logo is the first stimulus that influences the purchase decision of the audience among other things. It gives your brand the face so that your target market can recognize and recall your brand. But what makes a good logo? A good logo is simple, memorable logos, timeless, versatile, and appropriate.

  1. Simple

    logo design allows easy recognition and is incredible and as compared to complex and busy logos that either take the attention and confuses the audience.

  2. Memorable

    Memorable logos are unique, modern and effortlessly get the quickest reaction from the audience.

  3. Timeless

    logos are the ones that endure through any trend and even competition. A logo’s longevity directly reflects the brand’s consistency, determination, and commitment towards its customer.

  4. Versatile

    logos are the most effective and functional logos. They should be scalable, work on and fit in every channel and medium.

  5. Appropriate

    every industry has a defined set of rules and schemes to follow. You can not use a playful color palette for a brand that sells machinery likewise you do not necessarily need to show medicines in your logo if you are selling medicines. A logo is a pure identification of your brand. Use appropriate color scheme, shapes, icons, typography that reflects your brand’s personality and values.

Now let’s dive into what makes the logo iconic using some of the most popular brands logos;

  • Starbucks:

  • Ever brushed your nose in a Starbucks cappuccino looking at the memorable logos? The logo is one of the most recognizable in the beverage industry. Since the name ‘Starbucks’ was named after a nautical character they wanted to incorporate the same in the logo as well. With few redesigns and changes, the logo has been working like a magnet to attract customers and give the brand a distinct identity in the storm of brands.

  • Mcdonalds:

  • From a child to a grown adult everyone can recognize the golden arches from miles away. The McDonald’s logo is one of the simplest and most recognizable logos globally. See, simple wonders!
  • Apple:

  •  the logo was not created out of whim but reflects the law of gravity. And you can see the customers gravitate towards it! It is sleek, polished, clean, and popular!

  • FedEx:

  • the logo is the most studied for its simple and effective design. You can see the creative use of negative space which indicates the arrow between ‘e’ and ‘x’. It is an embodiment of speed. It is an embodiment of smart and effortless designs that conveys the message without using elaborate methods.
  • Mercedes-Benz:

  • the logo reflects the luxury and simplicity of the product in itself! The 3 metallic triangle represents the brand’s dominance over land, air, and sea. As see, the greatest logos sometimes do not need the names to recognize!
  • Nike:
  • who can not recognize the swoosh? The logo was sold for $35 only but it has become the symbol that dominates in the industry. It is simple, monochrome, memorable, and beautiful!

How many logos can you draw by hand from memory? Not too many rights? But the ones you can draw have all the 5 elements as mentioned. Before going to the designer or making your logo; understand your brand, create a brand strategy, research the industry and finally take inspiration. Your logo should represent your brand and make your customers smile when they see it!

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