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What’s the Best Average Biceps Size: Know Your Body Measurements

If you’re looking to know what the best average biceps size is, then you’re in luck! After hours of research and testing different techniques, we have found that an average bicep size is 14 inches. This has been our go-to for years now, and it never fails us. If you are looking for a more personalized measurement, or if this doesn’t work out for your arm size, there are other ways to measure the best average bicep size. We will discuss them below!

What is the biceps?

The biceps is one of the most popular muscles in the body. It’s located on your arm and makes up a large percentage of your upper arms. The bicep muscle is made of two parts, the long head and the short head. These two play an essential role in many daily activities such as using a computer mouse or driving a car. With so much going on with this muscle, it can be hard to know what you need to do for exercises that will help strengthen it!

In this post, I’ll give you some great tips for strengthening your biceps at home or work without having to go anywhere!

Average biceps size

Biceps size is a frequent topic of discussion in the fitness community. Just how big should they be? You may have seen some people with bicep muscles that are twice as thick as their triceps and others who have a tiny little bump on their arm. Where do you fit in? The average bicep size for men ranges from 12-16 inches. Women will usually fall between 8-12 inches. Please read this post to learn more about what your arm measurements say about your body shape, why it matters, and how to train safely for growth!

Average biceps size by age


Many different factors contribute to muscle growth and shrinkages, such as genetics, exercise patterns, sleep habits, and diet preferences. This article will focus on a few of those factors about how it affects your bicep size. As you get older, you might notice that your bicep muscles start shrinking and losing strength due to aging or other health conditions. One way to counteract this is with proper dieting and exercising routines which can help maintain healthy muscle mass so they don’t deteriorate any further than natural aging processes. Suppose you are worried about the appearance of your arms from thinning muscles or want more muscular arms for sportspersons.

How to measure biceps size

If you want to know how big your biceps are, there is a simple way to measure them. Sit down with your arm extended and measure the distance from the elbow to the tip of your fingers. This number will be in inches or centimeters, depending on what measurement system you use. The size of your biceps is measured by finding the circumference at its widest point and then multiplying it by two. Now see that number in our chart below for an idea of where you stand!

How to increase biceps size

You have been working hard to sculpt your body, and now you want to get the perfect bicep muscles. So let us break down how you can do that in three easy steps.

First, start by doing a few arm curls with five pounds weights for 15 reps each set. Then move on to some dumbbell concentration curls with 10-pound weights for 20 reps per set. Finally, finish up with cable curls using a single weight plate or bar (whatever is comfortable) and do those until failure – meaning when you cannot complete any more repetitions without sacrificing form. The key is not to give up but keep going until your arms are too tired of moving!


The best biceps size is different for each person. It depends on your body type and genetics and how much time you put into training them. You can’t tell someone’s arm muscle strength just by looking at their biceps size alone!

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