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6 / Ways to Help Your Child Develop a Healthy Relationship with Study  

No, doubt, student’s healthy relationship with their studies is the benchmark of their progress in the exams. Obviously, the best tutors can help them out to develop healthy learning habits. If teens have had uneasy relationships with their study whether it is because of lack of confidence, test anxiety, fear of failure, or something else. They don’t need to explain the rest of their time at school. We recently spoke with workplace mental health providers for advice on how to help your young people build healthy relationships with their education. Keep reading for their expert advice.

  • Realize what works for them
  • Make healthy screen time
  • Don’t study too late
  • Create a routine (which includes treats)
  • Advise them to be kind to themselves
  • It is crucial to find what works for them

The first and most crucial thing to note is that we cannot measure the intelligence of all learners with the same standards for effective learning. With resists, mock, and the pressure of the final exams, it’s easy for them to get diverted by the work of others, or the up-to-date solution that promises to accelerate the process and upgrade results.students

Obviously, every learner has different skill sets and methods of learning, so ultimately figuring out what works for them may require a little experience.

  • Arrange healthy screen time

Of course, it is a big task to reduce hours spent on social media in the appropriate direction. Not only does it disrupt work, but it can also lead to psychological challenges.

.Remind the teen that people post versions of their best selves on social media. It’s easy to compare them to your best friends on a bad day. For many teens, the lockdown has increased their idle screen time, and this year the news and information have been more offensive than usual.

Put the pressure of the upcoming exams in the mix and it is more likely to experience maximum stress. The other key point is to remind them is that this period of tension will soon be over.

  • Get Good Sleep Don’t Study too late

Although the pressure is more intense and more things tend to focus on our thoughts and attention, it is more important to remember the basics. Let’s start by sticking to a good sleep routine.

It can be difficult because our schedules have been dismantled. But avoiding late reading, limiting screen time, not trying to blink during the day, and setting a time to rest before bed will help. Likewise, drinking enough water and eating well will provide their brain the calories they need to perform. Importantly, we need to strike a balance.

  • Make a Schedule (which includes treats)

Set a schedule that doesn’t seem difficult. Plenty of time factor for breaks, chatting with friends, and rewards – whether it’s Netflix or a 30-minute window for video games. They should continue to invest in areas of life that give them a sense of accomplishment and success – any hobby or sport.

  • Advise them to be kind to themselves

This leads to a crucial wide point: be kind to themselves. You should help them to set realistic expectations and remember the ultimate goal – because they sit first in the exams.

.Motivate your children to talk openly with their friends, teachers, and about their concerns. Parents must remind their children that no doubt education is foremost, but your love and affection for them does not depend on high standards.

The other best way to uplift the confidence of your teens is by giving them the devoted support of one-on-one best tutors. At Fine Tutors all our tutors are from UK, so they’re only a few years ahead and can effortlessly relate to everything they’re going through.

Eighty-six percent of students agree that their tutor raised their confidence in class, and they improve the average whole grade in a term-worthy lesson. You can book a call or browse and send a message to a tutor to arrange a free meeting, and get as many as you want until you find the best match for your child.

  • Motivate them to ask questions related Study

Never let a child feel ashamed of asking questions because no question is stupid one.. They are at a stage in life where everything is new and exciting.  So, you need to satisfy their curiosity by answering questions.


Of course, only a single thing cannot become the cause of success in the classroom.  It is about the right combination of attitude, habits, and effort. Along with this private tutors play an important role in the success of the teens. Strong learning skills are an important part of this prescription, and they are highly learned behaviors.

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