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Unplanned pregnancy: advice helps

What pregnancy conflict counseling is about

When a woman is pregnant she may be unsure whether or not to carry the pregnancy to term. Pregnancy conflict counseling can help discuss hopes and fears and make a sound decision.

In the case of an unplan pregnancy, some women quickly realize whether they will have the child or not. Other women get into a conflict or even a crisis. When looking for a solution by abortion, women usually don’t just focus on their own situation. They wonder whether and how they can be there for (another) child. Often they are also burden with expectations from their partner, family and personal environment. This can make the decision extremely difficult.

Many women can discuss their feelings and fears. And also their possible thoughts about an abortion with their partner, their friends. Or other people they trust nd thus come to a sustainable decision. Others hardly have an opportunity to speak openly about their conflicts without pressure and influence.

Regardless of whether you are already determine to terminate the pregnancy or whether the decision is still open: In both cases, pregnancy conflict counseling can help. It offers the opportunity to address all worries and problems in a protect and benevolent setting and, if desire, anonymously, and to find a good path.

It is the legal task of pregnancy conflict counseling to encourage continuation of the pregnancy. Despite this requirement, all consultants are oblige to conduct the consultations with an open mind. That means they should support the woman in making her own decision  that is coherent for her life – however this turns out – which she can also represent in front of her in the future.

Advice informs

In the pregnancy conflict counseling service, you will, if you wish, be inform about state and non-state support offers for pregnant women and mothers , and possible perspectives for a life with the child can be discuss. Legal, medical and social issues can also be clarify. If you decide to continue your pregnancy, you will also receive practical support in applying for help (for example from the ” Federal Foundation Mother and Child “), enforcing claims, looking for accommodation, looking for care for the expect child and with Continue your education.

If you are considering an abortion, the pregnancy conflict counseling service will explain the requirements for an abortion free of punishment . You will receive information about the methods of performing an abortion and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

If necessary, the advice of other specialists or Abortion Pills Available In UAE can be obtained as part of pregnancy conflict counseling, for example when it comes to medical or legal questions or psychological counseling is useful.

Whether you decide to give birth to the child or to terminate the pregnancy – pregnancy conflict counseling always includes follow-up care. Everything that is discuss in the consultation is subject to confidentiality.

Advice as a prerequisite for a punishable termination

If you are considering an abortion (also known as “abortion”), you are obliged to obtain conflict counseling from a recognize pregnancy conflict counseling center or from a practicing doctor with state approval for pregnancy conflict counseling. Regardless of the outcome of the conflict counseling, a counseling certificate ( counseling certificate) will be issue at the end of the interview . If you decide to have an abortion, this certificate is a prerequisite for a punishable termination of pregnancy.

Due to the corona pandemic, advice centers may only be able to work to a limit extent. In most federal states, pregnancy conflict counseling is currently possible via digital media or by telephone. As an exception, the advice slip is sent by post or messenger; in some federal states it can also be faxes or email. Inquire in advance by phone or e-mail at advice centers in your area about the regulations and protective measures on site. This is particularly important if you have symptoms of an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, are in isolation at home due to a corona infection or are quarantine as a contact person.

The counseling centers of Caritas and the Social Service of Catholic Women do not issue a counseling certificate for pregnancy conflict counseling. Because a possible termination of pregnancy is not compatible with their self-image. However, they also advise on the issue of pregnancy conflict.

Together for advice for Abortion?

If you wish, you can bring someone you trust with you for advice. For example someone from your family or friends. If both of you so wish, you can get advice together with your partner. Listening to your partner’s fears, worries and wishes in peace can contribute to a better mutual understanding. The counselors can also help to find a way that both can carry together. Your partner can also seek advice on their own if they wish.

Legal right to advice for Abortion

As a pregnant woman, you have a legal right to immediate advice. To do this, make an appointment by phone or on site at a state-recognize pregnancy counseling center . To make an appointment and to address you during the consultation, it is necessary to give a name. However, you can enter a name of your choice, it does not have to be your real name. You have the right to anonymous advice if you wish.

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