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You need glasses? How to test your vision yourself!

Used to improve or correct vision problems, eye glasses are needed when there is a decrease in visual acuity. Most of the time, people do not know that they need eyeglasses, the symptoms being mild, difficult to notice. In some situations, people with vision problems may not notice a certain symptom for long periods of time. Blurred vision, night vision or computer difficulties, double vision, inability to focus, eye pain, and headaches may be less obvious signs of an eye condition. Vision testing

is recommended regularly, even in the absence of symptoms. It is well known that visual changes occur constantly, so vision problems can occur in a short time, including in people who have previously had perfect vision.

Children under the age of 3 should be consulted by an ophthalmologist if the pediatrician deems it necessary. The ophthalmologist is the only one able to determine whether or not eye glasses are necessary, so they can only be worn if the doctor recommends them.

In the absence of an ophthalmological consultation, there is the possibility to test the vision at home. International companies specializing in the creation of contact lenses offer vision tests in the online environment. Such tests can be performed using a computer, phone or tablet and can help identify vision problems in the early stages. However, this method should not replace the complete examination performed only by the ophthalmologist and also should not be a way of self-diagnosis.

Separate tests may be performed to find out:

  • how clear the near or distance vision is;
  • how large are the changes in sensitivity to contrast/light;
  • if there are visual defects of color ( color blindness ) and what is the severity of this medical condition,
    if it is found;
  • there are signs of macular degeneration;
  • if you suffer from astigmatism.

How can we test our eyesight? What are the most used vision tests?

Remote vision testing

Testing the distance view can be done in a short time, in front of the computer,
or using a printed diagram on a sheet. When a chart is used, it should be attached to the wall
at eye level.
The letters or numbers on the chart are then read, one at a time, from highest to lowest,
from a distance of 3 meters. The eyes must be tested separately so that while looking at the diagram
with the right eye, the left eye will remain closed (and vice versa). If a computer is used, it will also be placed
at eye level, but the distance to the computer is different, depending on the size of the screen.
Eyeglasses should be worn throughout the test unless the person performing the test is wearing glasses.
It is considered that the result is unfavorable when the tested subject cannot read line 20/20 correctly.

Nearby vision testing

The procedure is similar to the previous one, the only change being the distance from the diagram or computer. In the case of the near vision test, the diagram should be placed only 35 centimeters away
from the eyes. The graph is read in the same way, from the largest to the smallest letters
or numbers. The test will be done for each eye separately. People who wear reading glasses
will take the test wearing glasses. If the diagram cannot be read correctly, it may be a sign of presbyopia.

Grill Amsler

Used since 1945, the Amsler grid test helps detect vision problems resulting from macular damage
or optic nerve damage. With the help of this test, a whole series of diseases of a complex
severity can be detected in the early stages. Although extremely effective,
the Amsler test should not replace a visit to the doctor. An unfavorable result must be a good enough
reason to schedule an eye consultation. The test is performed just like any near-sight test,
except that there will be no letters or numbers on the diagram, but the Amsler grid.

On this grid, there are several vertical and horizontal lines located at equal distances from each other,
but also a central point. this center point must be watched so that the grid pattern can be seen
in the peripheral region. The distance between the eyes and the image with the grid must be 35 centimeters,
and the reading glasses must be worn by those who already have a recommendation
in this regard.
Normally, the lines in the grid pattern should be seen straight and uninterrupted. When they are
distorted or broken, it can be a vision problem that requires close control.

Astigmatism test

astigmatism is a refractive error and is often caused by a deformity of the cornea,
the retinal images being blurred or distorted. The diagnosis of astigmatism is made after
a complete examination of the eye. As a rule, routine examinations are sufficient to detect this visual impairment. Retinoscopy, refraction test, keratometry, or corneal topography may be required in certain situations. To detect astigmatism at home, a relatively simple test can be performed,
a procedure that will not take more than 1-2 minutes. As with previous tests, the subject should look at each graph with each eye. Because the distance between the eyes and the viewed image depends on the size of the image, there may be different interpretations. Such a test can be performed on the Optoplus clinic website

Ishihara test

Named after ophthalmologist Shinobu Ishihara, the test aims to detect color blindness, a color vision defect that does not allow the eye to see certain colors. Dyschromatopsies can be extremely easily detected, the test is much simpler and not involving a certain procedure. The subject examined must look at a series of images, simultaneously with both his eyes. It should be noted that when performed online from your computer,
tablet, or phone, the test may provide modified results between tests, depending on the color settings
on the device used.

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