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Telecom integration in the field of oil & gas is to ensure that there is a prompt system for initiating the requirement for an end to end communication for the smooth functioning of the process. Aesthetix Spain has been on the rounds to deliver a telecom system that is reliable & helps in giving a comprehensive system that integrates multiplatform utility. This is with direct inference to the vast majority of the oil & gas companies who source a very favorite part of Spain’s economy. 

Aesthetix Spain has the experience of providing comprehensive telecom integrators for the oil and gas industry for a very long time. Their projects do not limit to small-scale projects, but, they have done extensive projects for onshore, offshore, & pipeline communications. Our services profile includes providing telecom needs of the oil & gas industry like logistics, design, engineering, SAT, construction, etc. And have a strong foundation with the provision of our services to bigger clientele around the globe.

Aesthetix Global becomes a standout as they are working to provide services that are safe, risk-free, & economical. The other features of our front-runner telecom integrator system are safety, security, efficiency, sustainability, & economy. To incorporate the best practices to ensure minimal disruption &  risks. We account to be the best telecom systems integrator in Spain

Aesthetix has been dominating in the field of setting up telecom communication systems for the oil & gas industry for the past ten years. Each of our steps has been to make the most profitable & turnkey solutions for our customers. All our systems have been curated & developed after an in-depth study of global trends & capabilities. 

The components of our telecom integrator system are as follows:


Each project commissioning has different requirements for transmission speeds. Aesthetix has a clear-cut idea of these aspects & introduces the best SDH / PDH systems for offshore & pipeline communication projects.


The characteristics of DWDM / OTN are infused into the communication system to enforce IP, ATM, SONET/SDH, &  Ethernet at different bandwidth levels supporting the requirements of the customers or clients. 


The system is incorporated with different elements that enhance the connectivity of local & wide area networks with a lot of precision. Local networks are stabilized through support systems like MPLS, ATM, Frame Relay & wide area networks are enhanced by using X.25 for connectivity.

Structure Cabling

The structured cabling introduced by Aesthetix offers efficacy in building a comprehensive telecommunication system. The passive elements & IPLMS solution will function effectively with the structured cabling system.


The radio solutions provided are taken after careful consideration of the in-house requirements & help in providing a complete system inclusive of Marine, Aeronautical, MPT1327 & Tetra Systems.


Aesthetix guarantees connectivity for its clients even in the most distant regions thanks to its superior satellite communication infrastructure.

PABX & Hotline

Aesthetix experts well-equipped to create optimal solution. And deployment in dangerous regions with systems. And it will interact with other subsystems. They can employ the same VOIP or hotline functionality & a hybrid telephone switching system. 

CATV / Entertainment

The system also takes into account the requirement of entertainment systems which indirectly communicates the extent the client is ready to acknowledge their personnel’s needs & provide a world-class solution to the same. It includes the provision of services through traditional SMATV and IPTV.

Central Clock System

The system designed by Aesthetix comprises the control of central clocks by connecting with a GPS-based central clock. And a connecting with model models of clock structures like analogue & digital. The system will play along with Emergency Announcement, CCTV & Passenger Information.

Security and Safety

Aesthetix Global also provides a top-notch system that consists of relevant necessities that ensure the safety & security of the telecom integrator system. 


The surveillance system promoted by us is unique & creates a no-choice situation amongst the customers. And equipped with an elaborative portfolio of analogue / IP/ hybrid CCTV portfolio. Also, protect clients’ systems from potentially dangerous situations & environments.

Access Control Systems

The access control systems give away both human & vehicular access. The engineers of Aesthetix provide technological advancement even for something as simple as a standard door control or turnstile or crash-rated (PAS/ K12 rated) vehicular access.

Public Address General Alarm

Aesthetix address alarm intended with demand of client personnel mind. And ensures that the requirements are met & parameters attained. 


Intercoms are either provided only with audio benefits or with audio & video benefits. They also support PAGA & PABX based on the requirements of customers. 

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

It is introduced by Aesthetix under two modes, electronic & mechanical. These systems can be placed buried or as a wall mount mesh-like Fibre-based & leaky cable detection systems. 


Aesthetix Global meets all navigation system requirements with RADAR, AIS, RACON, Non-Directional Beacons, & other technologies.

Leak Detection

Aesthetix engineers have created unique prospects that aid in the resolution of any pipeline leak problems. And help detect them through Distributed Acoustic Sensing technology. False alerts ensure the system.  And operates efficiently in any temperature, pressure differential, or noise

Weather Monitoring

The weather monitoring system systemized by Aesthetix will help to devise accurate data related to the climate & weather-related mitigation measures if required. 

Clocking Systems

The clocking systems designed by Aesthetix pan out in the entire system of the client’s process & ensure that telecom, safety, & security systems are synchronized. 

Security Management

Aesthetix developed technology for every system to operate on a single platform. It makes simple to control the system.

Visual Flame Detection

Aesthetix created the Dräger Flame 5000. It evaluates flame properties using a certain uniquely suited. Enables dialing down the alerts to a minimum as it only reports fewer false alarms.

Aesthetix, one of the leading telecom system integrators and engineering service providers in Spain, provides custom-designed services based on the clients’ predicted needs. Our sharp pros will collaborate to generate out-of-the-box design concepts and incorporate cutting-edge components that will boost your productivity. For many years, we have had much consistent clientele from all over the world.

Aesthetix provides complete system integration and superior technical solution implementation help in Spain. Our creative staff would work relentlessly to produce promising outcomes for your firm. We have dominated numerous industries, including telecom system integration, engineering services, metro rail system design, and fire detection and prevention.

As one of the top telecom system integration companies, Aesthetix has clients in various countries, including the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Nigeria. Our carefully selected personnel will assist you in developing a faultless technological system. Their regular assistance and systematic services will assist you in resolving all issues and establishing a profitable system. We are proud of our 100% success rate to date.

We can help you with procurement and logistics, project management, telecom system integration, engineering services, technical system commissioning, FAT and SAT, managed services, control room design and construction, and so on.

In order to obtain smooth engineering and telecom system integration services in Spain, contact Aesthetix.

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