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Shillong- As the Summer Hill Station Of Meghalaya

Shillong, the beautiful summer hill station, is the capital city of the state Meghalaya in India. It is one of India’s most famous cities and is also referred to as the ‘Scotland of the East because it is said that it cues to the European settlers of Scotland. Scenic views of the valley touch the heart of arrivals and many other beautiful destinations that increase the beauty of this hill station and become the reason for attraction for the tourists. It is situated between Brahmaputra and Surma valleys, so it has a cooler climate than the other location of India.

Shillong is well-connected with all the major cities of India, and many sources of traveling are available to arrive here, like railways, airways, and roadways. The city of Shillong is at a distance of 30 km from the Shillong Airport that carries within an hour. From there, you can take the assistance of a car hire services from Shillong Airport and visit all the city’s major destinations.

Top Places to Visit in Shillong

Some goals are following: –

Shillong View Point

It is also called Shillong peak that is the highest point of the city from where one can easily view the beauty of the entire city. The evening and morning views of the city from here may be a remembering moment for every nature lover. The sun’s rays give it incredible views of the shining on sunrise and sunset time, making it more gorgeous in beauty. It is approximately 40 km from Shillong Airport via NH 40 and Shillong Bypass Road and 10 km from Shillong railway station.

Elephant Falls

It is a beautiful lake named by the British due to an elephant resembling rock near the left side of the main waterfall. Unfortunately, the elephant-shaped stone was destroyed in the earthquake of 1897 AD. There are three waterfalls in the queue for this fall, and the other two are situated just a few minutes from here. It is 37 km from the Shillong Airport via NH 40 and Shillong Bypass Road and 12 km from the railway station of Shillong via NH 40. By riding a taxi service in Shillong, you can easily visit the entire city.

Air Force Museum

On the way to elephant Falls, Air Force Museum is situated outside Shillong city, just near the airport. It has no charges for entry. It has a massive collection of different era pictures despite the many situations like the 1971 Bangladesh war, its first activity in fields, additional aircraft, and more. After arriving here, you can find more knowledge related to the airforce. It is 13 km from the central city of Shillong via NH 40 and 12 km from Shillong railway station.

Khasi Heritage Village

To view the ancient culture of the state Meghalaya, Khasi Heritage Village is one of the significant sources that help you to view the different historical and cultural activities. The simple living style of the people and the old-style becoming here the reason of attraction for the visitors. Among the hills, it has a different beauty of interest. Just 25 km from Shillong, you can visit any car rental services from Shillong.

Spread Eagle Falls

Spread Eagle Falls is the widest waterfall of Shillong and is situated in the Shillong cantonment area. It is soaring with a large pool from three sides that adding twice beauty to it. At a distance of 6 km from the city, Spread Eagle Falls is also famous as the Sati Falls. It is one of the famous waterfalls and the best location for picnic and pleasure purposes. Surrounded by natural beauty, it is the widest waterfalls of the Meghalaya State.

Sweet Falls

The name tells the quality of these falls. It is the most beautiful waterfall of this destination. It looks most attractive from a unique distance, but the people who belong here believe it is a haunted waterfall. The trekking at this falls is most competitive and risky due to the direct and straight climbing. Traveling by a rental car in Shillong, it is 9 km via Shillong- Elephant Falls Road, and from happy valley, it is just 5 km.

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The Major Things to Know While Booking a Taxi Service

During the travel, many things disturb you if you have no more knowledge about the taxi service in India. So at the hiring time of the rental cab, it will be the main thing that you keep the entire knowledge about the car hire service so that you can take the best service from the company and enjoy your fabulous trip. In this internet age, you can do a little work hard and have an excellent little car hire. But, if you do not know about the car hire, then so many things like rent or any offers may make you dizzy. So here are some essential things, you are being told to travel with your family or friends in full support.

Information on the Total Number of Members Traveling with You

Firstly it is one of the most important things that you become sure about the number of members traveling with you. It will help you decide about the size and space of the rental cab. And according to it, you can choose the best cab you like. The luggage and children can also create a big problem, so always mind on these things. Count the number of baggage and children; generate a list according to the number and amount.

Find the Many Websites of Taxi Rental

After confirming the number of members for traveling, this is the time to surf the different car rentals. Even though all the companies of car rental service in India already tell about all the details, still you should confirm all the things. Then, please take all the offers and discounts from all the surfed companies, list them and short-list them. Then, after being short-listed, you can choose the best according to your choice and in your budget.

Know all the Terms and Conditions of Car Rental Company

Finally, it is time to confirm all the hidden costs and terms & conditions of taxi service company. Almost all the companies have many hidden charges, and some will tell and some not. So, always ask about all these extra costs like toll tax, service tax, additional driver charges, and any more. These charges will help you to skip from an extra payment on the way; otherwise, you have not to tell, and you have to pay additional demands on the way.

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