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When did you develop your interest in VOIP Home Phone?

where did you get the experience from I’ve made myself self-employed best VoIP service uk. First I built a tool for network monitoring, combined with a quality management approach. A company offered me a lot of money for this software including a development order. In my naivety I rejected it and thought to myself that I could earn a lot more with it and get good deal. A year later I never sold that product and was broke. Then me and my business partner tried to earn money with homepages and web development.

We found out that we needed a telephone system, but we didn’t have any money. I read my way through it and built one myself – of course only with the most essential functions. A customer also wanted to have one and that developed over time. There was more and more demand, so an innovative concept was needed that would enable us to manage all customer installations without additional staff. In the meantime, we built a product that had no maintenance costs in terms of operational maintenance. That was very innovative at the time. But you also have a hobby, photography.

How did that happen?

When I came to Anexia, I bought a camera. I had free time again. I then took photos in automatic mode and that didn’t work at all. So I wanted to look at how this works better. I watched YouTube tutorials for hours every night. My photos were technically perfectly implemented, but the character was missing, which is why I went to a photo academy. I then tried commercial photography. The problem with client orders, however, is that you block your personal development and no longer have time to work on your own portfolio. I didn’t want that, so I gave that up. So you don’t do photography anymore?

I found that it’s much nicer to do photography without the need for a financial return. Of course you shouldn’t do it for free, but I only take photos for fun now and only take on jobs that I want to learn something from myself. But I’m still a videographer and I’m still concentrating on my photo exhibition. It’s probably every photographer’s dream not to just do something to make money.

How do photography and technology go together?

The background is as follows: When you deal with customer-oriented software, at some point you have the feeling that you are no longer creative, you feel more and more like a service provider and not like a developer. If you do that for years, you forget that you can also be creative and you just suppress this feeling. My main idea was to reawaken and explore my creativity – I was able to live that out in photography.

Do you now also need the creativity in your work at Anexia?

Yes, I think there is nothing worse than repetition. I would die immediately with assembly line work. For me, every move you make twice is uncreative and should be automated. That’s why I like the concept of the Anexia Engine so much, because it’s mainly about automation. I think creativity is very important and great thinking I think it’s the opposite of repetition. We have arrived at the last question. What would you recommend to someone who wants to do the same as you?

I’ve made all the mistakes you can make. That’s why I can’t recommend anyone to do exactly the same as me. But I made up for most of the mistakes and definitely learned a lot from all of them. I want to say to people: I’m 32 now and I’ve slowly but surely discovered common sense. Anyone who becomes self-employed will quickly find themselves in a shark tank. It is not the technology that overwhelms it, but the maintenance of the company, which one is forced to run only on the side due to a lack of capacity of any kind. That’s why you should really consider whether you can’t simply achieve a lot more in your area with a partnership, as in my case with Anexia: with more resources, more free time and the understanding of the employer.

IP telephony in the fixed network and TV cable network

Internet calls are also made today with DSL, VDSL, fiber optic and TV cable Internet connections. Although this is also sometimes referred to as VoIP  or All-IP, the technology is a bit more sophisticated and usually more fail-safe than with a simple SIP account. Originally there was a general problem here due to the simultaneous use of the same network for the transmission of voice and data. It was solved by defining a “Quality of Service” (QoS), i.e. a “quality of service” in which the telephony packets are given preferential treatment.

These QoS solutions improve the quality of the connection, as transmission delays and data loss could have a negative impact on voice quality when telephoning over the Internet. With an All-IP or NGN connection, customers now expect the same quality and reliability as they used to with ISDN. In addition, the advantages of cost savings compared to previous circuit-switched technologies outweigh the network operators. All major network operators such as Deutsche Telekom have migrated their telephone offers to IP infrastructure and rent them out to cheaper providers. In the providers’ long-distance networks, almost everything is already IP-based.

Landline number at Placetel
The connection for your telephone number no longer has to be in your home. A call is digitized via Voice over IP (VoIP for short) and is available to you on your laptop, smartphone or on your VoIP-enabled telephone system.

With the provider Placetel you can choose between the standalone solution for VoIP  and the complete all-in-one communication solution.

Since I’ve been a customer for a few years, I used Placetel to start with the free phone number. This maps the basic functions.

You only pay as much as you make calls.

A fair concept and another point that made the virtual telephone solution very interesting for me.

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