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Lose Weight With a Hypno Gastric Band

Although there are no guarantees with any surgery, it is possible to lose weight with a gastric band. The surgery can be performed only on the most obese people and requires a certain level of commitment on the part of the patient. The only way to lose significant amounts of weight is to eat less. If you’re considering this procedure, you need to be 100% committed to the process. A hypno gastric band is a safe alternative to gastric bypass surgery, and it doesn’t come with any of the complications or anaesthetic side effects.

The hypno gastric band programme consists of four sessions, each lasting 50 minutes. The first session of the programme involves discussing the patient’s eating habits and their BMI. It also includes mind-body hypnosis. By the end of the session, the patient will feel less hungry and eat less food. This will make them more aware of what they’re eating. This means they’ll have more control over their food intake.

Lose Weight Without Drugs or Surgery

The Hypno Gastric Band treatment is a non-surgical procedure that uses hypnosis to help patients lose weight without the use of drugs or surgery. The therapist will conduct a hypnosis session that will teach the patient to think about the upcoming surgery and how it will help them lose weight. The results are immediate, and the therapy has increased patients’ confidence and self-esteem. They can even maintain their weight with a dietary plan and exercise plan.

Hypno Gastric band

A Hypno Gastric Band programme is usually conducted over six sessions. Follow-up consultations are conducted eight to sixteen weeks after the main therapy to check progress and adjust the Gastric Band if necessary. A free initial consultation is also recommended to ensure the programme is a good fit for the patient. You can ask questions about the programme, the procedures, and other aspects. After this initial consultation, you’ll be able to choose whether or not hypnotherapy is the right option for you.

A Hypno Gastric Band therapy is a simple procedure that can help you lose weight without the use of surgery. The first three sessions are usually held once a week, with the fourth session occurring after a month. The patient will receive a recording to listen to in between sessions. A further recording will be given to them on session four. The recordings are an important part of the treatment and should be listen to on a daily basis.

How much Session will it Take

The Hypno Gastric Band therapy takes approximately 4 sessions. The first three sessions are usually conduct weekly. A further session is schedule about eight weeks after the main therapy. In addition to the four sessions, patients should also listen to the recorded sessions at least once a day. The therapist should be available to answer all of your questions and to answer any concerns you may have about the programme. This process is effective in treating obesity, and it can also be a very affordable option for those who want to lose weight.

Hypno Gastric band

A Hypno Gastric Band is a non-surgical method that can be perform in many cases. It is an ideal alternative for those who are unwilling or unable to lose weight surgically. It can be performed privately and at a fraction of the cost of a surgical band. As a result, it’s a popular alternative for many people with food addiction. It also costs a fraction of what a surgical gastric band costs.


The first three sessions are usually one per week. The fourth session takes place a month after the third. The patient will be given a recording to listen to between sessions, and another on session three. It’s important to listen to the recordings daily to reap the benefits of the treatment. These recordings will also help the person lose weight after the first session.

A Hypno Gastric Band Therapy usually involves four sessions. The first three sessions are one per week, followed by the fourth session a month after the first. During the first two sessions, the therapist will discuss the patient’s diet, BMI, and attitude towards food. During the fourth session, he will adjust the Gastric Band and help the patient lose weight. The therapist will also help the patient with a hypnogastric band.

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