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How YMC Clothing Is Changing the Fashion Industry

Fashion as an industry is often criticised for its severe human rights violations. The supply chain of many major brands imposes improper working conditions on the workers. They profit from the labor of impoverished communities that lack a voice. YMC Clothing is taking a different stance on it all.

According to the brand, social and civil responsibility should be central to each company. Instead of profiting off of wage theft, brands should give back to the communities. This isn’t just a hollow brand message with no effort behind it. Here’s why YMC is turning heads by turning its message into its mission.

What’s YMC Clothing

YMC Clothing is a new and emerging clothing brand based in the USA. It was founded by Danial Osmani, a young man of Pakistani descent, and Max Tunis, a Haitian immigrant. Together they created a movement that might one day put their cities on the map and also be a voice for minority communities.

The company specialises in urban street-wear and trendy old-school clothing. This clothing style resonates with minority communities, which is why it was chosen to spread the word. YMC is a 100% black-owned brand and hopes to inspire black and brown enterprises to break the glass ceiling.

The company is committed to upholding the notions of civil rights and racial justice. They strive to use their entrepreneurial ethics to create jobs and give back to the communities. The company wishes to provide education and jobs and establish justice for BIPOC people.

The Current Scenario of the Fashion Industry

Fashion and garment workers are among the most exploited employees in the world. The working conditions in places such as Bangladesh and India are among the direst. Workers are exploited and paid less than the minimum wage set by governments.

Although fashion companies seek to uphold corporate social responsibility, they are not always successful. Indeed, many companies outsource work to developing countries to save costs. Unfortunately, these practices have a negative impact on society and reinforce social inequalities.

Out of the approximately 75 million people who work in the fast fashion industry, less than 2% make a liveable wage. That is often why fashion companies are often scrutinised by humanitarian groups all over the world. It is also why there is a dire need for change within the industry.

Why is YMC Different

YMC sets itself apart by giving back to the community. Every time you shop, a portion of your cost is then used to uphold justice. YMC Clothing is more of a movement than a brand. Here’s what your dollars go to when you buy.

Black And POC Empowerment

Black and POC entrepreneurs often face an uphill battle when it comes to doing business. Due to structural inequalities, many of them do not achieve the level of success they are capable of. YMC strives to raise awareness and empower such brands by inspiring them.

Moreover, communities of BIPOC people are marginalised in many parts of the world, including the USA. To reverse this, YMC seeks to spread the word and help communities by allowing them to express themselves and change their fates.

Racial Justice

The establishment of justice is the responsibility of every government. However, structural inequalities limit the extent of said justice. Black people and minorities do not necessarily have an equal say in legal proceedings. Racism and xenophobia inhibit their representation.

By purchasing YMC, you are funding movements to provide racial justice and equality. You are funding campaigns that aim to reverse the trends and help communities achieve their basic human rights.

YMC Clothing Profits Fund Schools

Education lays the groundwork for all social change. That is why it is unfortunate that schools in black neighbourhoods are underfunded. However, they are not understaffed and mismanaged due to government negligence.

In order to change that, YMC donates money to build schools and manage them in impoverished communities. That’s because they believe that by gaining a good education, kids can help bridge the gaps in justice and become independent.

Civil Rights

YMC was founded on the dreams of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Their message persists across all of the brand’s efforts. That is perhaps why the company is passionate about civil rights. Structural inequalities, lack of representation, and racism harm BIPOC communities. YMC seeks to change that.

By allowing BIPOC communities an equal voice, they believe that a just society is possible. The idea is quaint, but it’s not just an idea. The company funds campaigns for racial justice and civil rights. They model their brand on the principles of the Black Dawah Community, which likewise serves civil rights.

YMC Clothing

Political Representation

YMC isn’t an underground movement. They believe in nonviolent change. This is brought on by self-expression through fashion and representation through candidates. YMC tries to support political candidates in the communities’ best interests.

Political struggle is never easy, and politics can be messy. However, it is a good change of pace to see a brand take such an interest in politics. Time will tell if their mission for political representation will succeed.

What Does YMC Offer?

YMC clothing has a wide selection of street-wear that is sure to inspire. It’s an up-and-coming brand, however. So you can expect their collections to bloom in the coming days. Regardless, at present, they stock hoodies, long-sleeve tees, and t-shirts. Each of these is available in a variety of designs for men, women, and unisex sizes.


YMC hoodies are designed with warm fabrics that are sure to keep you cozy on cold winter nights. They’re 50% cotton and 50% polyester, making them sturdy as well. The designs are uniquely created by the brand and offer style and substance. Their pyramid designs are becoming increasingly popular among the youth.

Long Sleeve Tees

Long-sleeve tees are perhaps the brand’s most sought-after items. They are made from sustainably sourced US cotton, making it clear that the brand is loyal to its mission. The unisex long-sleeve tee designs are inspiring and sure to make your wardrobe bloom. If you want to get the pyramid shirts, though, you better hurry. They might get sold out soon.


You can’t go wrong with a T-shirt. This is doubly so for YMC’s collections. The designs are varied, the materials sturdy, and the style impeccable. The logos and designs are created in-house and are unique, meaning you won’t find these elsewhere. If you were planning on shopping for something new and stylish, you might have found it.

Here’s How You Can Help The Community

The company is actively working to help reinforce racial justice and equality. They are guided by their mission with the help of civil rights leaders and seek to carry forth that vision. However, in the modern day, competition is rife. It is difficult enough to run a business, but a civil rights campaign alongside it is unthinkable.

That’s why if you want to help support the brand’s vision, you should visit its site. You deserve to know where your hard-earned money goes. Finally, YMC Clothing is fairly transparent about how they use your money. It’s a welcome change of pace and tells you what you are actually supporting. For once, your money isn’t going into the pocket of a CEO, but back to the community.

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