How to turn a guest post into a success

There are two guest bloggers categories: those seeking to launder avalanche of poor quality items on blogs that displays information in reverse chronological order, with the latest others pretending to be a guest post. A Guest Post (abbreviated GP) is an article posted as a guest on someone else’s blog. Here, for the first time, Matt Cutts packaged a loud and clear message: this can be a harmful practice.

In the page dedicated to link schemes, Mountain View identifies a very specific item: “Marketing campaigns for articles or large-scale guest publication with anchor text links full of keywords”. According to Google, a certain type of guest post can be identified as link marketing.

Does this mean that the practice of guest blogging – one of the oldest and most solidified – has disappeared? No, the bar has simply risen. Now quality is no longer an option and those looking to recycle old press releases as articles are going the wrong way. I started accepting guest posts on my blog again and continued to post articles on other projects. With the link in the biography. The point is simple: you need to turn the next guest post into a success. Do you want to know how?

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 Look for the best blogs
  • 2 Study the contents
  • 3 Everything is ready
  • 4 Change your mindset

Look for the best blogs

First, you need to look for blogs that fit your purpose. In this case, a bit of blogger outreach doesn’t hurt: you have to identify the platforms that are useful for your purpose, and you have to do it starting with a simple Google search and then refine the results with a series of useful tools to define the SEO Search Engine Optimization but also the presence on social networks (Majestic, SEMrush, Followerwonk).

Find the blogs that are useful for your purpose and start following the updates. Subscribe to the RSS feed, read the articles, find the blogs that get the most participation in the comments, and put this parameter in your list. Then move on to social media: do bloggers just post without interacting? Is there a conversation? The value of a platform crosses SEO and social metrics, also passing from the purely human aspects.

The qualitative parameters have risen, and this does not apply only to those who publish. Even those who receive content must offer something more. And you need to be able to evaluate all aspects of a project to see if it can be useful to invest in a name and prepare a great guest post. This phase is essential to have clear ideas about the platform that will host your post, but it also serves to define the cut of the article.

Study the contents

Studying the published posts means having a clear idea of how to structure the work. Every blogger has a specific style, and when posting a guest post they would like to stay true to their line. Do not improvise, do not propose linguistic experiments. And above all, do not get entrenched in your positions: you are in a guest house and you have to adapt.

You don’t have to be the author’s carbon copy, you have to keep your style. But you have to respect the quality standards set by the owner. Without forgetting the tone of voice, the style with which it addresses the readers. To have a success criterion recorded by content on a particular blog you can use Buzzsumo: enter the domain in the search and press enter, in this way the tool will return you the contents that have obtained the most success.

This is only one of the factors you can use to define the topic of the post. You can also consider the number of comments, the links received. Or, more simply, you can take a look at the categories of the post and understand what the author’s favorite topic is.

Everything is ready

Now you need to email the blog owner and ask about the possibility of submitting a guest post. If it has a dedicated page, the answer is probably yes, but always ask to be sure. My advice in these cases is simple: clear ideas. Do not ask the author for advice, it is an unnecessary step that not everyone wants to go through.

You have to be the one to have clear ideas, you have to be the one to suggest two or three titles – with relative description – that are related to the topics addressed in the blog. If you want your guest post to go through in the best possible way you need to make it as easy as possible to accept it. Everything must be ready, the idea must already have a concrete form in your mind.

One more detail: when you submit the work, I recommend that you write the article on your WordPress blog and copy the code to a .txt file, such as a notepad. This way you can deliver a pre-formatted product to the blog owner. Together with the text file also attach the images, do not leave the burden of searching for the visual content to the author. You have to decide every aspect of the guest post to respect one central point: quality. Your article must be a manifesto of quality. It has to be the best article created by your keyboard.

Change your mindset

That’s right, you need to change your mindset. That is, you have to change your mentality. Before you created the guest post to get links, now you have to work for the brand. The guest post is a showcase, an opportunity to make yourself known and to make people cross your in insurance or other blog. But above all your name, and the skills you can share.

Personally today I write and do write only with links in the biography, in the author box, and with anchor text example of anchor text The anchor text …simple. Type name of the blog or author. In this way the reference is clear, but at the same time, there is no morbid attention towards the link. Write to point out your skills and not to get easy links.

They offer me a link nofollow For me there is no problem, when I choose to collaborate with a platform I always aim at the quality of the public. And the nofollow link does not affect my visibility: write to be known and not simply to get a link. Are you willing to do this? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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