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Check How Many Times a Word is Searched?

Curiosity is a very basic nature of humans. We often wonder many things and questions for which we do not know the answers. The same is with the case when you want to know and check how many times you’ve been Googled or some word is searched. Well in this article we are going to talk about this issue only and we will try to provide you as much information. Ss we can so that it will give you the answers to your questions. 

Well, with utmost honesty we are going to tell you that there is no specific or particular way by using which you can get the exact number of times people have looked up for something on Google or on internet. However, there are some tools available which can help you see that how many times a keyword is searched on Google which is very much helpful for people who are into content writing and SEO. 

Tools that can be used to see keywords searched –

Let us have a look at the tools which will help you to get to know the number of times a keyword is looked up and here is the list of those tools but there is a fact that you should know that these tools will not help you to get the exact number as it is not taking any data from Google. These tools have their own and separate API which helps them to find the searches number. 

    • Uber suggest – It is free as well as paid as well for the users. 
    • Google Keyword planner – Users can use this tool free of cost as it is completely free. 
    • Ahrefs – This tool is a paid tool and hence the users need to pay some amount to use it.
    • – Just like uber suggests it is free as well as paid for the people who want to use it and will help you to check how many times a word is searched. 
    • Semrush – This tool is also a paid tool and users need to pay to get its access. 

We will also recommend you not to trust on these tools blindly as they are not 100% accurate. But we can surely say that they will provide their users with 70 – 80% accuracy rate. So, it is not that bad to use them. 

There are Free tools like Google Keyword planner. That will provide you the number of searches monthly in some specific areas like in India. And if you are using a paid tool like Ahrefs then the users will be able to get the data with 80 – 90% accuracy and then you can use the data which is provided to you by these tools and this will be very much beneficial for SEO and other things. 

Find perfect keyword with its search volume

If you are in the SEO field and you wanted to know which keyword you want to focus on. Then here is what I do to check the keywords search volume and pick a perfect keyword from me

I search on google related to what i want to write for example cookies

It shows some results like this and you can use google keyword planner and check your competitor pages keywords

it will show you your competitor ranking keywords extract those keywords. Use ahrefs or ubersuggest to know search volume for those keywords.

After that pick your target keyword and some more related keywords for that. Now right blog and include those keywords in your article to get traffic from google

We hope that these tools will help you to answer your question of how to see how much something is googled and it was helpful for you and it is you to decide which tool to use. 

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