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How to optimize a blog in google in 2021

In today’s article, I will show you how to write a blog post, how to compose it, how to find the keywords that will bring more traffic to your site, help you increase your authority and ranking in Google, and how to optimize a blog in google.

Firstly, if you are writing the same blog for the same site, then one is optimized correctly and the other is not. A blog that is properly optimized will get more traffic, so you need to make sure your article is well designed.

So let’s get to the heart of the matter and see how we do it in Masters.

Make a plan before you write your article

Understand why you are writing.

When you’re writing a blog article, remember this: the reason you’re writing your article is to educate your audience and gain worldwide recognition. So even though I’m based in Rabat, most of my clients are in this region. When I create a blog, I want the whole world to read it because it raises my profile. So when you create a blog post, your main intention is not to sell something but to educate. The audience doesn’t have to be potential customers or buyers. Remember, we’re not creating a landing page, we’re writing an article to explain a new concept to readers or explore a topic in depth. It will catch the audience and also help you to optimize your blog on google.

Brainstorming on topics

To keep things as simple as possible, I’ll list the steps you need to take to achieve your goal:

Define the mission of your business

Write down the category or mission of your business: what is the purpose of your business? Are you a coaching company, an online pet shop, a design agency? Whatever you do, write it down in the middle of a sheet of paper.

How can my services be useful?

Think about how you can help people with what you offer, think about your services, think about the real problems your business has solved. And from that central word, create branches for each topic

How can I help solve these problems?

For each word in the branch, think about what you have done to solve these problems for your clients.

For example, we are a digital marketing agency. One of our clients was having problems with appearing in local search results. So we worked on getting them there.

You can see the process I’m trying to explain here. Now an idea for a blog post might be, “How we solved this client’s problem and got them to the top of Google Maps”.

Back up your list with real data

Once you’ve made your list of general blog ideas, go to Google and find the main keyword for each idea.

For example web design. When searching in the Google search bar, don’t press the Enter key. Just type in the word or phrase and wait for Google to autofill. This will give you some good ideas for choosing your article topics.Better Keyword research for better optimization in google

Now that you have a list of ideas and topics you want to talk about that are relevant to your business. Go to Google Keyword Planner and enter all your keywords. This is to get an idea of the search volume for each topic you are targeting. After all, you don’t want to write about a topic that no one has researched before.

The process is simple: enter all the keywords you have into GKP (Google Keyword Planner): then see what the search volume is and what relevant keywords appear when you do your research. This will help you tailor your keywords to what people are actually searching for before you invest in writing a better article on a topic that won’t get traffic. It will even not help to optimize your blog on google.

Creating recommendations

We all know that before optimizing your blog in google writing a blog post can be difficult at times. Either because the topic is too complicated or because your writing skills are not as good as you’d like. But you can overcome it by following these steps:

Create an outline: an outline is a set of headlines, each headline is a part of your article that refers to a specific point. When writing a headline, try to group similar ideas under the same headline. This will help you write more coherently and get your message across in a more structured way.

Start by writing a kind of introduction for each section of your content. This means that, under each heading, I recommend writing one or two sentences that summarise everything you plan to say in that section. These sentences cannot be included in the final article. It will only help you to keep in mind what point or points you want to make in each section.

Tips for writing a better article

Now you know what you want to talk about and you have a plan on how to do it. So now all that’s left is the hard part: writing the article.

Here are some simple tips to help you write better content:

Write as you talk.

When we write, we tend to overcomplicate our messages. We want to sound smarter and sound like we understand what we are saying. To do this, we don’t want our reading to be too complicated for the audience. Simplicity is always the key. Most people reading your article don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to understand complicated words and phrases. They want to get an answer to a problem or a question without having to spend a lot of time reading articles. These kinds of articles are easy to optimize in google as compare to difficult ones.

Stick to a plan

Remember the plan you have made and stick to it. Good content can be broken down into headings. No one wants to read a long block of words without separators. That’s why headings are your friend. You should use H2, H3…. headings that help the reader understand the structure of your article immediately and encourage them to read on. Most importantly, sometimes the reader doesn’t want to know everything you’ve written. They just want an answer to a question. Therefore, having headlines makes it easier for your audience to find what they are looking for and increases the time they spend on the page. Also, Try different blog SEO tips to get help with plans and check blog ranking.

The main reason someone clicks on your content is that they are waiting for an answer. If you don’t have one, they’ll leave immediately. When you write a paragraph, ask yourself what the purpose of the paragraph is on this blog. Is it an extension of saying something, an explanation or definition, or am I just trying to fill a page with words without thinking about its purpose?

Optimizing the page

Now you have well-written content, but even if it’s the best content for a particular topic, if you don’t optimize it, it won’t rank in the SERPs. We’re not talking about technical optimization or off-page optimization. All you need to know is the basics of on-page optimization. On-page SEO factors are very important to optimize your blog in google.

Headings: H1, H2? Must be optimized. Each keyword should include a keyword or synonym where possible. Remember I said, “if possible”. Don’t go crazy and try to include words in your titles if it’s not natural. You don’t want to stuff keywords.

Anchor text: your link should normally include your main keyword and be meaningful and informative. Don’t include something like:

Images. If you use images, make sure the alt text is optimized.

Metadata: I am referring to your title and description. Remember this rule: both must be a description.

Update your content

Nobody wants to read an article written in 2017 that has not been updated and talks about the current state of the financial market. It is irrelevant. People want fresh information that is up to date and contains the latest news and practices. So make sure you don’t write your article and leave it. You should always go back to your old content and update it as soon as there is new content so that it doesn’t lose its relevance. This is a must-apply method to get your blog optimized in google.


Well, now you know to understand that how to optimize a blog in google. Writing a blog post is not as hard as you think. Now you also have an understanding that how to optimize blogs in google. If you just have a plan and a process to follow, this can be the easiest thing to do. But remember that becoming a good copywriter is not easy. Like any other skill, it takes practice to achieve perfection. But if you follow these tips, you’ll find it easier to get started.

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