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Digital MarketingSEO

Importance of SEO : How SEO can boost up your business sales?


If you want to let anyone purchase your products or services, Visibility is one of the most important factors.

Don’t you think so! If they have not even look at your products or services how are they going to make a purchase in the first place?

Let’s dive in straight in this piece of writing and understand the importance of SEO.


seo can actually boost up the business revenue

What is SEO?

SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is nothing but a marketing practice to reach out to your ideal customers when they are actually looking for you or when they need your products or services.

I know it’s hard to believe but there are more than 3.5 Google searches take place every day.

Every day this many searches have been processed on Google by people all over the world.

Let us take an example here to help you better understand.

Let’s assume you are a salon owner, now let’s wonder what your ideal customers would search on Google.

“best in the salon in Delhi”

“the best haircut near me”

“hair cut for girls/boys”

“hair spa price in jodhpur”

and the list continues.

Now imagine if you appear at the top when they search.

Importance of SEO

1) Firstly people get to know about your business.

People get aware that there is this business exists.

Even if one more people get aware, isn’t it big deal?

He will share with his family and friends about your business.

Secondly, you know these people are in buying zone.

All you need is to close the deal anyhow with your content, pictures, results, credibility, and more.

Thankfully, all this work is done by SEOs.

All you need is to hire an SEO expert or a professional SEO agency and wait for some amazing results.

You just need to sit back, relax and serve plenty of people through your services.

Lastly, you will end up making a conversion.

Yes, the conversion and you will not believe but a large number of people are already making a huge profit through SEO.

If they can, why can’t you?

Below mentioned are some mind-blowing SEO statistics concerning conversions:

1 The SEO Conversion rate for all the industries is 2.4%

2 The SEO conversion rate for all service businesses is 2.7%

3 For eCommerce businesses, the SEO conversion rate is 1.6%

4 Annual Industry Report is such page type which has seen the highest conversion rate of 4.8% of all other page types including Blog Article, Landing Page, White Paper, Webinar.

The white paper holds the second position with 4.6%.

I believe the above statistics would insist you ponder more on SEO. Businesses have seen results earlier. With the right strategy or approach, SEO can actually help any business to reach greater heights.

Last thoughts:

We believe the write-up helped you in understanding the importance of SEO. SEO gives visibility to your business, builds credibility in the eyeballs of your prospective customers.

Believe me, if they can trust you, they can buy from you as well.

For instance, over a period of time, actors like Shahrukh Khan builds their credibility and image in front of people.

They become a brand and people trust them. Similarly, SEO is a long-term process.

It helps to build your image slowly and gradually over a period of time.

But once that image becomes stronger, it would be easy for your business to shine for several years to come!

Tarangsoft Solutions LLP is one such IT or SEO company that can help you build a stronger image in front of your prospective customers.

The past results of the company are truly inspiring.

If you want your business to boost up its sales through SEO or looking for any other IT services, one of the best IT firms is waiting to help you out.

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