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How to end the period in 2 days?

You may probably be stuck with a question- how to end a period faster at home? Many times, women as a girl, a mother, an aunt, and a daughter, need to perform various responsibilities. These responsibilities often come at the sake of a period which further adds a burden to your lifestyle or routine. Rather than throwing off plans and ending your menstruation cycle, you can reduce the number of days in your cycle. There are a lot of techniques that may help you end your periods quickly. Some of these may require the consultation of a doctor but many of them are fun to perform. If you or your partner are going through the dilemma of changing your menstruation cycle routine, you can consider talking to the experts at Kokilaben Hospital Mumbai.

  • You may likely go to a beach, or a vacation and may have your schedule fixed for your routine swimming. At the time, you may get stuck with your periods and for the sake of emergency, you may require to change your scheduling.
  • The length of menstruation varies from woman to woman and it affects a variety of things along with introducing stress, body mass index, and a few hormones giving your body a noticeable change.
  • An average period may last for two days to seven or eight days, although there can be chances that you may have even more days in your one menstruation cycle.
  • Many women often go through a shortening of their cycle as per their age. If you are using a contraceptive pill, then your period may likely shorten and lighten. 

How to end a period faster at home?

  • Take hormonal birth control

You can either use oral birth control pills or can take birth control injections. This may help you regulate your monthly cycle. Hormonal birth controls help to decrease cramping and thereby shorten the number of days while you are facing menstruation. If you are using only birth control pills, it may take many months to shorten the length of the menstruation.

  • There are certain types of hormonal contraceptives which help to change your menstruation cycle and shorten the number of days. You can end your periods quickly after the first year of using injections.
  • There are a variety of birth control pills that help you with the amount of flow that your body produces
  • However, we do not pressurize the use of medications for a longer time. It may also affect your fertility and can make you infertile for the rest of your life.
  • Have sex

Periods often induce the feeling of having an orgasm and it is this time when the women often feel fertile and induce the need for masturbation. Particularly, masturbation can help you reduce cramping and can affect the flow of blood coming out of your body. Orgasm involves the contraction of muscles and thereby helps in the reduction of blood flow from the uterus. The contraction you produce while having an orgasm helps to [produce the faster flow of blood through the uterus and thereby get slower at a particular stage or after some time.

  • Exercise regularly

If you want to reduce the amount of flow of your monthly cycle, you can also indulge in a routine of heavy exercises or cardiovascular exercises. It may help you lighten your menstrual flow and provide you with fewer days of menstruation. Exercise helps to lessen the water retention in the body and may help you introduce bloating along with a reduction in crampings. If you are in favor of performing heavy exercises, you can try reaching your doctor to develop an exercise schedule. But do not get involved in heavy exercise for a longer time. This may hurt your body’s menstruation and how healthy you are from the inside.

  • Maintain a healthy weight

Weight fluctuation can affect how your body shed blood from the uterus. Weight fluctuation can also affect how you menstruate on a monthly basis, especially affecting your dates, the amount of flow, and the missed periods. On the contrary, a heavyweight can make you menstruate heavier than what a normal human body does.

  • It can sometimes be difficult to manage your BMI and therefore your monthly cycle. If you come under the category of obese personality, you may have the risk of heavier blood flow during your menstruation days.
  • There can be chances that you may go through heavy, painful, and certain other symptoms like missed periods at a time. This increase in the flow of bleeding may contribute to the large production of fat cells and thereby the heavier flow of menstruation.
  • If you are obese, or thin, and you are having a heavier flow of menstruation bleeding, you can talk to your nearby doctor at Kokilaben Hospital Mumbai, who may help you with the right choice of medications.
  • You can also gather a few tips on how to manage your normal body weight so that you may have a consistent flow of menstruation bleeding.
  • Get the right nutrients

To end your periods quickly, you need to be strong from the inside and outside. You must take a regular diet of vitamin B to maintain your overall health. Certain nutrients can pose problems for your periods like light flow and introduction to PMS symptoms. Also, if you are having a less diet plan throughout your hectic day, the stress you produce throughout the day can affect how you bleed during your menstruation days. Vitamin B6 is one of the unique nutrients that helps or affects your periods. Many nutrients can help you alleviate your PMS symptoms. These nutrients can make your pituitary glands normalize the flow of blood that your body sheds monthly.


Now, you must get aware of certain healthy tactics and you may not pose the question next time how to end a period faster at home? Ending periods faster at home requires a watchful and safe manner. Sometimes the heavy flow of bleeding makes you feel tired all day long and you may get stuck with the idea to lower the duration of your menstrual flow. However, if you put extra stress on your body for lowering the bleeding or flow, you may end up creating health issues for your body. It is better to make an appointment and consult your doctor regarding the same.

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