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What is the opportunity for South Dakota Marijuana?

What opportunities do other states have? All of them.  Here are South Dakota Marijuana you need to know its opportunity.

Why South Dakota?

We’re in the middle of everywhere. Currently, we poise the centre of one of the most growing markets in America. We have the infrastructure, and our neighbours have the demand now; let’s unlock that economic potential and open up a new frontier of opportunities across the state. South Dakota has the opportunity to take advantage of the growing cannabis industry in Marijuana tourism. South Dakota needs to capitalize on its many assets and natural landscapes. 

What are the challenges to legalization?

As South Dakota Marijuana, we pride ourselves on our independent spirit – we care for each other and understand the importance of neighbours helping neighbours. We’re a state with strong ethical values that can be traced back to our humble beginnings as a homesteading community. The issue surrounding marijuana in our part of the country is no different. The South Dakota medical marijuana act of 2016 received a 35% approval rating in our state. That means that the majority of South Dakotans are not yet ready to embrace this issue. Without more education about the potential economic benefits and reassurance from law enforcement that there would be a specific plan to regulate and tax marijuana appropriately.

How do we overcome the challenges?

Education. It understands that this is an issue of supply & demand and addresses concerns by law enforcement, long-term health care professionals, etc. Marijuana reform at its core is simply about treating adults like adults. We need to take a step back and realize that most have already made up our minds about marijuana. We  support it outright or don’t for those who don’t understand their concerns and address them with compassion and understanding without dismissing them as ignorant or close-minded. And for those who do want reform, we need to realise that this might not be a widespread issue across the state, and we need everyone’s support to make it happen.

Marijuana Reform

The people of South Dakota are ready for marijuana reform – now our legislators need to catch up. With Colorado being home to some pretty fantastic skiing, Utah with its beautiful hiking trails and mountain ranges and Missouri with its lush farmland. South Dakota cannot fall behind and miss out on the potential of economic impacts across our state.South Dakota is the perfect place to make cannabis reform history. We are in a unique position here in South Dakota: we have an opportunity to be one of the first states to legalize marijuana. What needs to be done for South Dakota to capitalize on its many economic opportunities and keep up with our neighbours:

 1. We need to learn from our neighbours

We need to research their successes and failures as we make the marijuana reform decision in South Dakota.

 2. We need to be active members in the rescheduling conversation at the federal level. The DEA has been dragging its feet on this vital issue for too long, and there is no excuse not to get it done.

3. We need to take advantage of being one of the first states out of the gate and establish our legislative framework as we utilize the best practices from our neighbouring states.

Opportunities of medical marijuana

South Dakota Marijuana has an excellent opportunity to capitalize on this emerging market, but we need to act now as one of the first states out of the gate. Let’s look at what other states have done with their legal marijuana programs. Colorado created a medical marijuana program for their residents. Montana has taken a different approach to its medical marijuana. 

How to use medical marijuana in North Dakota

North Dakota just recently approved medical marijuana for minimal uses, and there is a proposed bill to expand the program. Of course, there are some very legitimate concerns about legalizing marijuana across all fifty states. It comes to children’s health and safety and public education programs. We need to discuss how these concerns can be addressed to make sense for South Dakota.

1. We need to be active participants in the federal rescheduling conversation.

2.  We must begin the conversation with those closest to us: family, friends, co-workers. We need to make sure that everyone is educated about marijuana reform in South Dakota. They can be on board as we move forward with legalization this year.

Personal freedom and liberty or one that will help move our state forward economically. Are we ready to move away from the Reefer Madness mentality and legalize marijuana in our state? You need to understand some of the South Dakota Marijuana.

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