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How Much Does It Cost to Make an iOS App? IOS App Development Cost

IOS App Development Cost

IOS development is a mobile application for Apple hardware like iPhone, iPod, smartwatch, and TV. Apple provides the tools and resources for creating an iOS app, which runs on the iPad and iPod, touch hardware.

For creating, the iOS app development uses native languages such as swift programming language or Object-C and using React Native to build a cross-platform native application. IOS conjointly iPhone or iPad interfaces, that area unit terribly intuitive and interactive, with wonderful usability and user experiences.

Why Does Need IOS App Development in Business?

If you have a business related to the online sale, the mobile app will help in marketing and bringing online traffic to your website. Mobile apps thus give you a better position in business competitors. A business or a brand to grow faster needs a digital app with a brilliant development team. The brand needs to determine the complexity of the app before estimating the developing price. Along with the professional team, these two factors are the main factors to know the exact cost of the IOS app designing. IOS has the largest popularity and adoption rate. Therefore, it is also an inexpensive procedure due to its demand.

You can boost your business in the market in the following ways:

Easy Accessibility: It improves the accessibility of people to your business.

Developing ties: It is the simple and easiest technique to connect to the public and develop strong ties with them.

Marketing: The IOS mobile apps give your brand or business popularity. For marketing purposes, these apps are widely used.

Value addition: These mobile apps facilitate their clients with discounts and other privileges, thus revamps the value addition.

Financial Profits: It attracts the customers to purchase and transaction for your brands; that adds a financial proposition to your business.

High traffic: Your brand website gets high traffic due to the qualified and engaged audience to your business.

IOS App Development Cost Around the World

In the world, most probably people are looking for IOS developers in the USA, Ukraine, and India. Here we will discuss how to compare pricing. Thus, to get all these benefits, companies feel the privilege to develop these mobile apps. Moreover, it takes 40k dollars to 120k dollars investment, while for app

In the USA, Ukraine’s average cost of swift app development for iOS is $50000. However, that depends on your various factors like technology stack, multiple architectures, and scalability plan.

In Ukraine, the hourly cost ($50 per hour) is lower than the USA hourly cost.

India also has lower prices for IOS app development. Here hourly rate is $10

How Much Does It Cost to Build an iOS App?

It will depend on the size of the project. By size, that means that the complexity function and development for the IOS app.

Development can including such as

  1. Patterns with animation
  2. Prototyping
  3. Customer solution that requires technical research
  4. Unforeseen outcomes and changes along the way

The iOS app cost depends

  • Complicity
  • App functionality and purpose
  • Integration points
  • Use of visual objects
  • Use of smartphone hardware features
  • Maintenance plan

What is the Estimated Cost of Developing an IOS Mobile App?

There are billions of people who are using different mobile apps daily. IOS users also have a large number of factions among those users, especially in the US. It is reported that over 268bn people downloaded mobile apps in 2017. When you decide the category of the app as per your business, you can easily determine the cost of this app. Moreover, the price also depends upon selecting the App developer team and the type of the app. IOS app development procedure is comparatively cheaper than the android app development method. Therefore, the development cost of the IOS app depends upon the complexity of the app.

The cost of iOS app is as follows:

Simple App: In a Simple app, you have to spend 40k dollars to 60k dollars.

Medium Complex App: For Database apps or medium complex apps, you invest 61k dollars to 120k dollars.

Complex Apps: Complex apps or Gaming apps consume 120k to 250,000 dollars cost.

Professional’s Cost: The cost of hiring a team of app-developing professionals is 90k dollars per year.

Other costs:

Along with bearing the above cost, you have to invest in the following productive tasks:

IOS app Maintenance price:

You also have to maintain your IOS app just like other software. The maintenance procedure can help in improving the monitoring, marketing, updating, and hosting of your website. Hosting includes the data price estimation in the app. It consists of the data that is stored on your hard disk. For this hosting process, you need to invest 70 dollars to 320 dollars per month. Monitoring checks the analytical issues in your app. Engagement includes the installation process and its related specifications. You have to invest 46 dollars to 87 dollars to get this incredible feature. Moreover, Apps updating and licensing need a reasonable cost. A license can cost 120,000 dollars per year for fifty gadgets.


Q1. What is iOS app development?

IOS mobile app development is the procedure of creating a digital mobile app for your Apple gadgets. The iOS app software encrypts in swift language programming. After this, it was installed in the App Store for easy accessibility to the people.

Q2. Is iOS development harder than Android?

No, the developing procedure, as well as its cost both, are easy and inexpensive. Due to the coding procedure, iOS development is much faster and simplest than Android app development.

Q3. How much does iOS app development cost?

To know the exact estimation of the cost, you need to know the complexity of the app and project developers. It may vary from 10k dollars to 250k dollars or above as per your business setup and nature


IOS app development is the best technique to expand your business, so the app developers also understand the need and credibility of these mobile apps as per your motive. They give you this smart infrastructure and a base for your company to yield the best result. Moreover, you can get each piece of information regarding the data, third-party integration, and other important facts.


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