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Hair colour at home – Tips and tricks

Are you lonely with your black hair? What about colouring your hair? Every last woman will feel the urge to change the colour of her hair once in a while. Some visit the salon for that, many do it in their own homes. Women with long hair really prefer to do hair colour at home, because it is more expensive to do it in the beauty area. It is very important to remember that at a cheaper price you get a reduced quality

Some things to make sure before colouring your hair

  • If you feel like you found the right tone for you, make sure you choose a few simple ones compared to the one you believe you want, Learn about the ingredients. 
  • Always keep your front colour boxes to check for chemical items, as only a few of them may react in a way you may not like. If you are not sure what to do, check with an assistant at the supermarket or search online.
  • After that you have to decide if you need a permanent or non permanent colour. The non-permanent one should come out with a washing amount marked in the packet.  
  • Remember that in the unlikely event that you make a decision incorrectly, it is true, it does appear, and yet the colour changes. 
  • If the first colour is dark brown, in a few baths it may turn unattractive and noticeable – these dyes do not go away completely. They usually leave some sort of colour tone behind.
  • Do not always decide on the less expensive hair dye. Try doing previous research on companies, and read the responses of different people who use their products. 
  • Another good suggestion is to read the guidelines in the package. It is not enough if you have a very good hair colour, but you are not smart and do not know how to treat it. Protect your skin and clothing and perform hypersensitivity tests to protect yourself from swelling due to allergies.

Many people are of the opinion that hair colouring can damage hair. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way if you do it right. Do you know that you can hair colour at home by keeping these tips in mind? When you are done, you will surely be grateful for these wonderful tips. Don’t worry, make sure you get the same results, but make sure you have the same correct recipe.

1. Adjust Your Scalp Skin

Your scalp is soft and sensitive. It is wise to prepare it by applying a thin layer of Vaseline to the skin. This is very helpful in clearing the colour in case you are dripping.

2. See Options

If you look you will know that the box has some amazing and different swatches on the side. One of the best ways to choose a colour is to match your natural colour to the shades swatches found next to the box.

3. Do You Want a Hair Colour That Lasts 

When talking about colour ideas it is wise to decide whether you want a permanent hair colour or not. If you have not already done so, it is wise to consider a colour that is not permanent. One of the best things about this is that it helps you to dye your hair after 28 shampoos. If you have a bright light or want a grey cover it is worth considering a timeless colour.


4. Hide Those Grey Shadows

It is noteworthy that many people now suffer from acne. If you are one of them, it is best to choose a level 1 or 2 shade that is lighter than your natural hair colour. This ensures that there are no hard differences.

5. Enough For Your Hair

There’s no way you just bought a colour pack, and then later regretted that you didn’t have enough. This is especially important if you have thick or long hair. It is very important to have enough colour to saturate your hair to get the same results.

6. Always remember the Sixth Commandment

Ask any hairdresser and you will get the same answer, do not colour your hair the day you wash it. It is always important to colour the tied, dry and unwashed hair. Make sure you do not colour it on the day you wash it as it helps natural oils to act as a protective layer when applying hair dye.

7. Bathing – Hot or Cold Water?

This is one of the great questions that everyone often asks. To help you do the same, it is advisable to wash your hair in cold water. This also helps keep your complexion from working. Once you have washed, do not forget to apply conditioner after colour.

Here are some important hair colour tips that you really need to keep in mind when you do hair colour at home, follow the steps and  let the colour shine out.

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