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Floor Standing or Wall Hung Vanity Units – Which One Is A Better Choice?

The wall hung vanity units are trendy bathroom furniture that is an essential part of modern bathrooms. A modern bathroom should be comfortable, clean, and well organized. That is not possible until you have proper bathroom fittings and fixtures available to you.  When it comes to organizing the bathroom, the biggest problem that people face is that there are too many things that we want to store in the bathroom. But don’t know where to keep them. From hair care products to facial care, toiletries, soaps, and even makeup items, we all have an endless list of items that we want to use in a bathroom. But unless you have proper storage, either these items will be left on places like corner of the sink, corner of windows or baths, etc.

 There is no doubt it will look unorganized and messy. The manufacturer has come up with the idea for bathroom vanity units to deal with this problem. Bathroom furniture storage units are important for two reasons. The first is increasing the storage capacity in the bathroom. While the second is enhancing the overall looks. Since there are many vanity units available that range from floor, free-standing, or wall-mounted, it is important to learn about their difference to decide which option is better for your home. 

Here we have compared both options of bathroom storage units. 

Should We Prefer Wall Hung Vanity Units Due To Its Structure?

Generally, bathroom storage furniture can be of two types. The floor-standing that are a separate unit and wall hung vanity units. These also called floating units. The major variation of them is their style and their installation. The first storage unit is a moveable item that stands on the floor independently.  You can keep at the desired position and move anywhere else when every you want. On the other hand, the floating unit is fixes on the wall. Therefore, the area under these vanity units remains visible and accessible. As a result, it makes a stylish look while enhancing the bathroom storage capacity. 

Is Wall Hung Vanity Units being Loved Due to Their Aesthetics?

These bathroom furniture units have different looks and should therefore have preference for a correspondent feel in the bathroom. The floating storage is a small unit that can be fixed on the wall. The look it creates is associated with luxurious and contemporary bathroom designs. However, if you want a classic or traditional look, you should look for a floor standing unit. 

Are Vanity Units Budget Friendly?

The cost is a crucial consideration when we talk about to a bathroom makeover. The wall hung vanity units is often less price as compared to another unit. The cost also bases on whether you buy it with a top sink. The slight difference can be the size of the vanity unit as the one that sits on floor has large size. 

The Space Requirements

You must measure the area available for the storage unit in the bathroom. The size of both vanity types of ranges from 600mm to 1200mm. If you feel the smaller storage unit is not enough for you, you should opt for anything from 800mm or 1200 mm storage. In case your bathroom is small, consider having a 600mm storage unit with an on-top sink. It will save you space that otherwise would be need for a separate washbasin. 

Wall hung vanity units are available at Royal Bathrooms UK

The wall hung vanity units are a wonderful addition to your bathroom. Whether you should choose a floor standing or a wall-mounted style depends entirely on your preference. We have discussed every important thing that you may need to know in the previous section. From their looks to costs and size requirements, now you have complete information about it. In case you are looking for high-quality bathroom furniture at the lowest prices, you can visit our website. We have an extensive range of bathroom products available in all sizes, shapes, and styles. 


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