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Solar Water Pumps: Advantages & Disadvantages

Solar water pumps use electricity to pump water. Water for livestock, crop irrigation, and drinking water supply are all common applications.

Solar Powered Water Pump Applications

Hot months and hot regions have high water needs. Private households and farms require a steady and reliable water supply. Photovoltaic panels power solar water pumps, which are electric pumping systems that are driven by electricity. Solar powered water pump water using the electricity generated. Depending on the individual needs, solar water pumps may be used for the following purposes:

  • Water for livestock
  • Water for crop irrigation
  • Supply water for drinking and cooking

Size of the pump

It is crucial to correctly size the pump and control devices, since the water supply or harvest could depend on continuous water supply. The location and use of the solar powered water pump will determine the size.

What are the components used to install a solar-powered water pump?

The installation of a solar powered water pump is usually a simple system. It typically includes a water pump, solar panels and tubes. Solar water pumps don’t require batteries in most cases.

How to choose the right Solar powered water pump

Water pumps can be used in different ways. The water level is usually the deciding factor. You can choose from different types of water pumps to use in streams, wells, or ponds. Water pumps can be divided into two types:

  • Submersible water pumps are capable of lifting water up to 700 feet deep.
  • You can pump water from 10-20 feet below the surface using surface water pumps

How to Choose the Right Solar Panel

It is important to consider how much water you drink each day in order to choose the best components. The water pump that is best suited for your needs can be chosen based on how much water you drink each day. The manufacturer of the pump will give information about the required wattage to achieve the desired water flow. Once you have chosen the size and type for your solar pump, the information available will allow you to calculate the watts required for the panels. The solar panels can also be mounted on trackers to increase their pumping speed and volume. The output of solar trackers can be increased by up to 30%

Do I Need Batteries?

Batteries are not required for a water pump. Most solar powered water pump can be run from solar panels. This allows for savings in costs. The water tank or pond is where the electricity is stored to power the water pump. The water is then stored in a pond or tank and is available for use whenever it is needed.

We thought it would be useful to share some of the advantages and disadvantages of solar water pump when deciding which water pump you should use to irrigate your farm.

You’ve already seen that all new technologies and tools for your farm come with their pros and cons. Solar pumps are no different. Use the information provided to help you make the best decision about the water pump that suits your needs.

Advantage – Zero Fuel Costs

Solar panels power solar water pumps. The panel is free and all you need to get the solar energy you require comes from the sun.

This is an advantage over using fossil fuel pumps that require you to buy fuel every time. Your farm’s irrigation costs can be increased by the cost of fuel.

Solar water pumps are a great way to reduce labour time and effort required to irrigate your crops. Simply connect the solar water pump to your preferred irrigation method and turn it on.

Solar pumps require less maintenance and labour than fossil fuel pumps. You won’t run low on fuel or have to drive to the station to get more water for your crops. Solar pumps are reliable, even with a good warranty, and they won’t let your down. Unlike fossil fuel pumps that require regular servicing and maintenance, solar pumps will not let you down.

To keep your solar panels producing as much energy possible, keep them clean!

Solar Water Pump Problem – Water can’t be pumped when it is dark

We were just talking about the amazing solar panels (and they are truly great! They do require sunlight to function. You might not have enough sunlight to power your solar water pump if you want to irrigate in early morning or late night.

With a little planning, you can minimize this disadvantage.

A water tank is one of the most important things you can do. Your solar pump can be used to pump water into your tank during the hottest parts of the day. The gravity feed will make it easy to water your crops whenever you need it.

It is possible to use a pump with a battery when the sun isn’t out. We don’t recommend it as the batteries can be very expensive and last a short time.

Disadvantage – high upfront costs

Farmers may find the upfront cost of solar water pumps prohibitive. You need to purchase both the panels and water pump all at once.

Solar pumps are a better option for irrigation in the long term, but they can be more expensive. Because of the benefits already mentioned, solar pumps are more cost-effective than traditional fuels. They also have a longer pump life span and lower labour and maintenance costs.

It is a smart idea to think about how long your water pump will last before you calculate the cost of fuel, maintenance, and fuel over that time. It will surprise you to see how fast fuel costs add up, and the savings that you can make.

This is also very encouraging that solar costs are continuing to drop, while petrol prices are on the rise. This means that this disadvantage is becoming smaller!

Solar Water Pump Advantage – Environmentally Friendly

The solar water pumps are renewable and sustainable. They don’t produce harmful pollutants, which keeps the air and soil clean on your farm.

This is similar to the pollution caused by fossil fuel pumps. They release a lot of pollutants into the atmosphere and can spill fuel into your soil.

This is a very important one for us. The unpredictable nature of rain is making agriculture more difficult in the tropics. The agricultural sector must find sustainable solutions to the problem and adapt to the changing climate. The solar irrigation option is an excellent choice.

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