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Digital Revolution and an Advertising and Marketing Agency


The 21st century has opened up new avenues for marketing professionals. With the rise of digital marketing, things have started to change in this field. Of course, it was a diverse field in the past too but now, there are many new horizons to explore and benefit from. Every creative advertising agency now knows that digital marketing is not something to avoid.

They make sure that their digital departments are well equipped to provide the services that the client now requires especially after the pandemic hit the world. The importance of digital marketing sky-rocketed during this time and benefited a lot of businesses that would otherwise have gone obsolete due to the lockdown situation throughout the world.

Role of the pandemic in promoting digital marketing

Before the pandemic, it was not easy for ad agencies in Lahore to convince their clients to invest in digital marketing services. But now the situation has changed. The clients reach out to the agencies themselves, asking about the various digital marketing services.

The clients realized that digital marketing is the way forward and they cannot avoid it. This opened up new opportunities for the advertising agencies too. They can now easily incorporate digital marketing in their strategies and provide a complete solution to the clients.

New opportunities for everyone

As more and more people are getting familiar with social media and its potential for marketing, the opportunities for marketing professionals are increasing with each passing day. They are well aware of the importance it holds and can easily think of investing in this area.

Of course, at first, there was a learning curve, as is in any job. But now that it has gained popularity, it has changed the way an advertising and marketing agency works.

Past and the present: improvements

A few years back, only conventional mediums were considered while devising a strategy for any client, there was not a lot of room for experiments but with the rise of social media and digital marketing, things started to take a turn for the good. With social mediums, the communication between the customer and the brand started. It gave real-time insights into the feedback, suggestions, likes, and dislikes of the customer.

And we all are aware that the customer is always right because at the end of the day it is them who would use the product or the service and they are the people who take any brand or company to the heights of success. And this is why, if not heard properly, they can also become the people who run it right into the ground.

Customer is the ultimate king

So now when a campaign is designed, the customer’s prior feedback is taken into consideration and it is designed according to the mindset of the target audience. Tapping into the mindsets of the right people has always been the main goal of advertising and marketing, long before digital marketing, and now holds even more important because of the fast pace of these mediums.

Keeping up with the trends

With each passing day, there is something new. Some new trends to follow in the field of advertising and not just in digital marketing. It gets translated into the conventional side as well. Because the audience is present on both platforms and we cannot have two opposing or separate themes around the same subject or product. So, it is important to keep marketing and advertising integrated throughout all the mediums. It also gives the campaign a good recall value.


Digital marketing has not only changed the working of an advertising and marketing agency but also of the brands and companies who seek these services. Now, they also stay up-to-date about the new developments, the latest trends, and everything.

And since everyone is in touch with digital media one way or the other. Everyone has their opinion about it which is a good and a bad thing. For now, we will wrap this one up on the note that the digital revolution has overall improved many fields. Especially for advertising and we are the generation to witness the wonders of these amazing inventions. 

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