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What Can Kids Learn About Entertainment and Media Industry at Kidzania?

Around four decades earlier, the only mean of learning for the children was their books. Books were the main element that introduced society and its functioning to them. Although television was common at that time, too, it was only meant to watch cartoons. So, the exposure to how society functions only grew with the grade and age of the students like the books of middle-level students contained more knowledge and information. Children of the past and present are miles apart from each other. They have facilities like the internet, digital learning, and most importantly, Kidzania that helps them know the functions of society. One important section of society is the entertainment and media industry which fascinates the kids a lot. Learning about it from an early age is necessary so the children can explore their interests and follow them for a more successful career.

Keep scrolling down this article to explore what kids can learn about the entertainment and media industry at Kidzania and plan a trip for your child.

Top 7 Things Kidzania Can Show Kids About Entertainment and Media

People acting, dancing, and singing are the basic things children know about the entertainment industry. On the other hand, news and reporting are the basic things children know about the media industry. However, these two sections of the same industry are much more than this limited information. Exposure to these industries can help children know their functioning as well as explore their skills and interests.

Here are some of the major things Kidzania can show and teach kids about the entertainment and media industry.


Hosting is the basic thing Kidzania can teach kids about the entertainment and media industry. Whether it is an entertainment show or news show, there is always a host who asks the guests numerous things related to the format. A lot of children copy the hosts while playing. Parents often buy Kidzania Dubai tickets and take their children so they can experience everything from a closer perspective instead of just copying the host in front of their friends.

Camera Duties

Camera duties are among the most alien concept for the children, which Kidzania can show and teach them. Children are not aware of how the recording or even live shows work. They often think that there is only one camera that captures everything that is broadcast. However, that is not true. There are at least three cameras, and controlling them efficiently requires technical skill and expertise.

Floor Management

Floor management is one of the basic responsibilities in the entertainment and media industry which the children are not aware of.  The floor management consists of a complete team that includes high-ranking as well as low-ranking officials. Broadcasting a show requires the support of the whole team, and only Kidzania can teach that to children before they enter real life.

Direction and Production

Another important thing children can learn about the entertainment and media industry at Kidzania is direction and production. These are extremely important roles for making the shows. The kids can produce and direct the shows that will be broadcast in the city of children.

News Reporting at Kidzania

News reporting is another important thing that children copy during role play. It is also not as simple and easy as it seems on-screen during the news. The reporters do not just read from the paper they are given, but they have to visit sites, gather news, write the report, focus only on facts, and record that so it can be shared with the general public. If your child shows interest in news reporting, visiting Kidzania is a way to help your child learn and experience it closely.

Set Management

Another important thing that Kidzania can teach your children about the entertainment and media industry is set management. Most of the time, the backgrounds behind hosts of different types of shows are digital and not real. At other times, the hosts are sitting in the real sets. Designing, maintenance, and looking after other details of the set are some of the basic responsibilities children can learn about the media and entertainment industry at Kidzania.

Radio Jockey

The last and most important thing Kidzania can teach kids about the entertainment and media industry is being a radio jockey. RJs are quite popular among kids too, and while visiting Kidzania, they can learn the role and responsibilities of a radio jockey. It can also help them secure a real-life gig at a young age. So, visit Kidzania to let your child learn more about the media industry to adopt the roles that fascinate them.

Grab the tickets and pay a visit to Kidzania now!

Now that you know how much your child can learn and experience at Kidzania do not waste any more time. Book your tickets online and visit the city of children and help your child explore, learn, nurture and nourish their interests.

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