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Choose Swift and Cost-Effective Apostille Services in India.

When traveling to a country for any personal or professional purpose, everyone needs to follow some norms according to the destination country’s policies. If the traveling country is a member country of the Hague Convention they will ask you to have an Apostille attestation for all your relevant documents. Through an Apostille, a person can prove his authenticity and legitimacy for himself and his documents to move inside a Hague member country.


Apostille means an endorsement or certification or legalization or authentication of documents. It helps to verify the authenticity of the documents which need to get submitted to overseas countries. The main use of this attestation is in Hague countries in all international locations that have joined the Apostille Section of the Hague Convention. In a few countries, you can get an Apostille attestation stamp electronically. However, in India, you need to get this manually. This certification confirms that the public document is original and issuer/provider of the document is genuine. This Apostille authentication is acceptable in 110 nations in the world. The Ministry of External Affairs of home country of documents is the main authority to provide Apostille to the documents.

Apostille Services in India

One of the quality approaches to finishing this method is to outsource this work. There is some govt. certified Apostille service agencies who will contend with all the formalities. But you have to be very careful in choosing the Apostille agency. You need to make sure that the service provider agency is genuine and not fake. These services are available in every city in the country. These are registered companies from MEA, India to help people get verification from the central govt. (MEA) to travel a Hague country. now take a look at another example of Apostille Services in India.

How to Apostille a document in India? 

Apostille attestation stamp is a 10cm*10cm sticker pasted at the back of documents and if a document has this sticker it will likely be legit in all Hague countries. It will prove the genuineness of the applicant, those documents, documents issuer, and purpose for the travel to that country.

To get Certificate Apostille in Bangalore or any other place in India depends upon the issuing state and type of document. Particularly, there are 3 types of documents that require an Apostille stamp. Those are Educational, Personal, and Commercial documents.

For example, to get a Birth certificate Apostille Chennai, you need to get it from the Tamil Nadu State govt. as Chennai is the issuing place and needs to follow Personal certificate attestation procedure.

The document types include a variety of certificates and documents. The details are as follows:

  • Educational Certificates:
  • Degree certificates, Diploma certificates, HSC, SSC, School Leaving certificates, Mark Sheets, etc.
  • Personal Certificates:
  • Birth certificates, Death certificates, Marriage certificates, Medical, PCC, Divorce certificates, etc.
  • Commercial Documents:
  • Power of Attorney, Bank Statements, Memorandum of Articles, Company Invoices, Product List, etc.

To get certificate Apostille in Hyderabad, Delhi, and Chennai this procedure will start with Notary verification and has to go to state authorities of issuing state to receive the second authentication. Department of authentication from State govt. will depend upon the type of document you require an Apostille for.

If you require Apostille for Educational certificates then it requires HRD Department/ Education Department (school/university/board/council) of issuing state verification. On the other hand, if you require an Apostille for Personal certificates it will have SDM – Sub Divisional Magistrate/ GAD – General Administrative Department/ RAC – Regional Authentication Center/ Home Departments of issuing states of the certificates verification before proceeding to MEA for final certificate Apostille in Mumbai or any place in India.

Apostille Authentication Procedure as per the document type

Educational Certificates-

  • Notary Verification
  • HRD/University Validation from Originating State
  • MEA Apostille Stamp, India

Personal Certificates-

  • Notary Verification
  • Home Department/SDM Validation from Originating State
  • MEA Apostille Stamp, India

Commercial Documents-

  • Chamber of Commerce Validation
  • MEA Apostille Stamp, India

Validity of Apostille Documents in India

All the Apostille documents have a validity of 6 months. It can be different for specific nations but Indian Apostille documents have 6 months of validity.

The required time and fee for an Apostille Authentication depends upon the type of documents, issuing state, and requirements of traveler.

Apostille Services in Bangalore

Various Apostille services help people get Apostille with their Bangalore originating documents in the city. Indian government has outsourced document collection; submission and authentication work to these agencies on behalf of MEA. For all Bangalore-issued documents Karnataka state govt. provides Apostille stamps to prove them legit and real to use them in the traveling country.

When choosing an agency for Apostille opt for the best Apostille service in Bangalore which will cope with the entire method of MEA and Apostille service. They ought to contend with the clearance, attestation, and all other formalities relating to the process. The agency must have an expert team of agents that needs to have complete information regarding an Apostille process and can assist in completing an Apostille easily at a nominal fee.

Apostille services in Chennai

Apostille is a long and hectic procedure. It depends on a traveler if he/she wants to hire an Apostille service or continue with a do-it-yourself-guide. It is advisable to hire professional Apostille agents to perform the job in the best way. MEA does not accept a direct application you need to reach these authorities only through an Apostille agency. For Chennai documents Tamil Nadu state govt. will attest to them on the state-level verification before getting Apostille from MEA.

Apostille services in Hyderabad

If you need professional services to Apostille documents in Hyderabad then you can trust Apostille provider service agencies that have years’ experience in this service. They will provide you the quality services when and where you require them. Make sure they provide exceptional and problem-free services to assist you in completing the process on your behalf in a short time.

Apostille services in Mumbai

Numerous Apostille providers are there in Mumbai to provide Apostille in Mumbai and nearby places. After the Maharashtra state govt. verification, it is necessary to have the Apostille stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs on a Mumbai document to make them legit to use in the traveling country. Since it’s a long process you may need the Apostille quickly. To approach a good and legal Apostille provider agency that can complete this procedure in Mumbai on your behalf effectively in a minimum time would be the best way to complete it.


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