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Best Indian restaurants in Australia for the real essence of Indian cuisine!

Do you love Indian food and its different flavours? Want to satisfy your desi food cravings in Australia? Well, Australia is loaded with plenty of restaurants that provide Indian cuisines. If you are traveling to the land of kangaroos, then you don’t have to worry at all. You can have Indian food on your trip at the different restaurants located in different regions. It’s difficult to pick the one restaurant that offers the best food in the country. So, we have compiled a list of the top restaurants in Australia

When we start thinking about Indian food, we feel like bursting with many flavours in our mouth. Indian cuisine has always been popular for its traditional preparation, rich aroma, taste, and lip-smacking flavours. Indian curries are famous all over the world, and people from different regions love its flavours. If you are craving for Indian food in Australia, then visit any restaurant and calm your taste buds with the best food. Many restaurants in Australia offer delectable Indian delights like pav bhaji, dosa, paneer tikka, dal makhani, etc. If you are looking for the best restaurant, then go through the information mentioned below. 

Top Indian restaurants in Australia

Numerous Indian restaurants are available across various destinations in Australia. We have cherry-picked the best ones to make your trip a wonderful one. Let’s explore these restaurants. First of all, make sure to book your flight tickets with Delta Airlines Airlines as it offers a series of incredible discounts. Make your Delta Book Flight and travel without burning your wallet. 

  • Gaylord Indian Restaurant, Melbourne

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Gaylord Indian Restaurant has been serving people for the last 28 years. Well-experienced chefs offer authentic Indian food prepared with fresh ingredients. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can visit this restaurant to satisfy their desi food cravings. Various dishes are available, including palak paneer, malai kofta, fish masala, butter chicken, etc. Moreover, you can have a fixed price thali; choose what you want, South Indian or North Indian and gorge on your favourite food. This restaurant is popular for blending pungent, fragrant, and spices from different corners of the world. 

  • Abhi’s Indian Restaurant, Sydney

It is one of the best restaurants in Sydney to have mouth-watering Indian cuisines. You will find so many items on the menu like Patiala goat curry, seekh kabab, hariyali chops, the Mixed Tandoori Platter, chicken tikka, and Madras Prawn Vendakai. You can have any of these dishes with bread, garlic naan, and butter roti. After having your meal, don’t forget to enjoy gulab jamun served with a wafer of sesame and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Moreover, you don’t have to spend extra money on your food at this restaurant. 

  • Surjit’s Indian Restaurant, Annandale

Surjit’s Indian Restaurant is situated in Sydney’s inner west suburb of Annandale. The restaurant is so famous for serving tandoori flavours from Mughlai cooking and North Indian. From excellent handmade Indian dessert to delectable meals, from non-vegetarian dishes to unique vegetarian dishes, the restaurant has everything to calm your hunger. The most popular dishes of this restaurant are dal makhani, chicken tikka, lamb rogan josh, and tandoori paneer. The speciality of the restaurant is its homemade taste. Don’t forget to try Khoya Kulfi if you have a sweet tooth. 

  • Flavours of India, New South Wales

While in the land of Australia, you can’t afford to miss dining out at this place. It has some of the best authentic dishes that will make you lick your fingers. Whether you want to taste the spicy and soul-soothing Indian delicacies or want to satisfy your Indian cravings, the restaurant offers everything to its visitors. If you are a non-vegetarian, then make sure to try their butter chicken with extra fluffy naan bread. The dishes will make you come back for some more. The restaurant has different flavours that satisfy the palate of each visitor. 

  • Moti Mahal Restaurant, Melbourne

Melbourne has various Indian restaurants, and Moti Mahal is one of the best. It presents a wide array of Indian cuisines in excellent authentic form. At this restaurant, you will feel like you are in your country because it celebrates the heritage, culture, and tradition of India with its food. Some popular dishes include Murgh Kebabs Mughlai, Mughlai Chicken, and Boti Kebab. All these dishes reflect the royalty of Mughals. The restaurant is always crowded as it has some regular customers because of its incredible hospitality and authentic tastes. 

If you are visiting Australia, then ensure to add these restaurants to your bucket list for an awesome and pleasant trip. All these are the best options, and you can really satiate your taste buds at these restaurants. So fly off to Australia now with Delta Airlines Airlines for a pocket-friendly journey. Opt for the Delta SkyMiles Number process and travel at minimal fares.

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