Best Inventory Management Systems For USA In 2021

And now for the best part – this year’s top list of the Inventory Software for Small Business. Here are the options you should consider now.

Speed of light

Light speed tops this year’s list of the Inventory Software for Small Business for many reasons. This amazing software is used by some of the largest companies, integrates seamlessly with many other platforms, and offers amazing features. Some of these features include.

Inventory management. Whether your sell batches, bundles or individual products with different variations, the software offers a variety of tools to keep your inventory moving. You can identify stock items with unique serial numbers, create product variations based on size, material or colour, create individual orders, track stock levels across locations and much more.


Centralized purchasing. With Light speed, users can save significant time by ordering new stock directly from an integrated supplier list. If you use it, you can download 10,000 products using the product group import tool, as well as products from over 3,000 pre-loaded catalogs. In addition, you can combine all transfers, orders and purchases into a single order and set custom order points for your best-selling products Inventory Software for Small Business.

Move stock faster. With this software, you have full control over your inventory and its prices. You can change prices in bulk, give staff discounts, enable gift and promotional campaigns, and automate rebates.

In Flow Inventory


With in Flow, everything is at your fingertips. While this product is not as functional as its predecessor, it is still in high demand by smaller businesses. It offers in-house support, including Inventory Software for Small Business.

Purchase order

Inventory management

Filling and sending orders

Transferring stock

The system is specifically designed to help small businesses that need more control over their inventory. In Flow does an excellent job of centralizing shipping, inventory, warehouse, finance and even accounting. It has over 100 different functions and has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times since it was built.



Cin7 has a wealth of integrated features and offers you amazing functionality. It is an intelligent, easy-to-use inventory management software that integrates perfectly with QuickBooks, Xero, Shopify, Woo Commerce, Amazon, Sales force and over 500 other tools.

This tool is ideal for those who want to add structure to their daily work. It offers the following services.

Inventory management

Order management

Inventory management

Reporting and forecasting

Payment portal, etc.




Zoho Inventory has amazing management features divided into different modules. These include.

Item management: bundling and grouping of items, multiple inventory management, serial and batch tracking.

Customer lifecycle: sales order management, invoicing, packaging and delivery.

Supplier relations: supplier price lists, invoicing solutions and purchase order history, as well as dispatch and returns.

Automation: barcode scanning, web hooks and customisation, email and field updates.

Integration: post-shipment, shopping cart and marketplace, EDI integration, accounting solutions and CRM integration.

In addition to these, Zoho offers a number of modern and intelligent features that are in line with industry trends. Such features allow you to generate reports almost instantly, create SKUs for product categories and set order points for different items.

faish bowl

Fishbowl is a great choice if you need something simple but versatile to use for inventory movement and tracking. It doesn’t have as many features as Lightspeed or Zoho, but it’s still a very good and popular software solution.The two main things Fishbowl offers are manufacturing and inventory solutions. Here is a more detailed overview of its features.

You may also want to use machine learning analytics to improve your BI.

Manufacturing. It allows you to create work orders for different jobs, calculate inventory requirements, store commonly used work orders for future projects, track inventory levels for different activities, and calculate inventory requirements to avoid over- or under-production.

Warehouse. Fishbowl provides your with real-time inventory updates, allows you to automate order points, integrates with various jump cards, e-commerce solutions and tools such as Xero, Quickbooks and Salesforce

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Unleashed Inventory is software that helps you “achieve total product control – and instant visibility between suppliers, production, warehouse Billing Software for Small Businesses and customers”. The growing brand now divides its functionality into five main areas

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