Time limits for Veterinary Noncompete: A guide for veterinarians

Is a veterinarian associate subject to a two-year non-compete clause too long? You will have signed a veterinary-related employment contract if you are an employee. Additionally, restrictive covenants will be included in that employment contract. Restrictive covenants simply state what you cannot do throughout the duration of the contract or after it has ended. A non-disparagement clause, a non-solicitation agreement, confidentiality clauses, and a non-compete clause are examples of common restrictive covenants. A non-compete agreement generally forbids veterinarians from working in their field for a while within a set distance of their place of employment. 

The contract will state that the veterinarian cannot practise as a general veterinarian for a year within 15 miles of their primary practice location, using the example of your available veterinarian.

You should carefully study your employment agreement to seek language that solely restricts your primary location since otherwise, you can be seriously limiting yourself. Consult a non-competition agreement lawyer Charlotte NC about your situation to learn how to safeguard employees’ legal rights and professional interests.

Non-Compete Agreement Calculation Period

Let’s briefly discuss some cunning tactics the employer uses in non-compete agreements. Vets can perform a variety of tasks to start. They can handle urgent treatment, general veterinary difficulties, and emergency medicine. Ensure the speciality listed in the contract accurately describes what you’re doing for that organisation. If you practise emergency medicine, you don’t want to lose your ability to practise general veterinary medicine after your contract is over. When the contract expires, you want as many possibilities as you can so you’re not forced to relocate. It doesn’t make much sense to me to forbid activities you didn’t even carry out for that employer. Therefore, you should check to see if it specifies that you cannot practise any form of veterinary medicine. It must be precise about your work for that employer.

There will be no getting around that for some professionals, such as radiologists, so be aware of that. However, it should only describe what you are specifically doing for that organisation. In terms of duration, most non-competes for veterans will last between one and two years. If your non-compete is for three or five years, it is probably not enforceable, and, in addition, it is totally absurd. The recommended timeframe is between one and two years. Clearly, one year would be preferable to two.

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