5 Secrets Only Professional Cleaners Know

Here are five cleaning secrets only professional cleaners know. It is amazing how much time and effort professional cleaners use, but it does not appear that they share the same knowledge as the ordinary person. As a result, their work is just not as good as you might think it to be. Here are the top five cleaning secrets only professional cleaners know.

Harsh Detergents

One: Most professional cleaners use harsh detergents. This means that they use products like laundry soaps or even some dishwasher liquid. While these detergents are great at getting the stain out of the carpet, they can cause damage over time. Detergents leave behind a residue that actually causes more dirt to show up on the carpet than before it was cleaned. Instead, use warm water and a mild soap for dishes and other surfaces, and keep a stiff broom for your carpets and furniture.

Vacuuming alone

Two: Vacuuming alone is never enough. If you do not vacuum your floors, it will take more than just vacuuming to get all the dirt up off your carpets and furniture. Every time you walk across your home, there are tons of tiny crumbs, hair, and bugs that you have to touch up with a damp cloth. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner that has multiple heads in order to pick up all of the dirt that accumulates on a daily basis.

Chemical Usage

Three: Many professional cleaners use chemicals as part of their cleaning process. These chemicals are harsh and can be dangerous. While some people are able to tolerate them, others cannot. For this reason, you should never use chemicals around small children, and if possible, try to keep them away altogether.

Abrasive Shampoos

Four: Do not use abrasive shampoos or brushes on your carpets or rugs. The harshness of these products can actually strip the natural fibers from your floors. Instead, use a mild blend of baking soda and white vinegar, as well as a soft brush to wipe your carpets and rugs. This is much less harmful to your carpets and will leave them looking and feeling great. You will also find that the cleaning will be much easier to do.


Five: Most cleaners will recommend that you change out your rugs at least quarterly or semiannually. This is true, but only if you are willing to spend a little bit extra. If you only change out your carpets once a year and then just keep going back, you will find that they have built up a lot of detritus over the years. While it may seem harmless at first, this will not stand up in court as it gets older. If you have kids or pets, you do not want to change out your carpet more than necessary every few years because you are afraid it might not be healthy. Make sure that you change out your rugs at least once a year, no matter what.

Four: Most people will find that when they use their steam cleaner on their carpet, that they get a lot of foam! This foam is fine – it is actually a good thing. It will allow you to get into those crevices and nooks of your carpet without getting stuck on the wet surface. Just be careful not to use it too often, or you could end up with foam covering your carpeting instead of cleansers!

These are the most important cleaning secrets that professional cleaners will tell you. Keep these in mind the next time you clean your carpet – no matter what kind of carpet you have. You do not have to do it by yourself. Take some time to talk to someone who is qualified to clean your carpets, or hire a professional carpet cleaner! You will be glad that you did!

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