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3 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Local Mover

When looking for the best local mover to handle your move, there are many critical questions to ask to make sure the company is worth it and qualified. Even if you only have to move locally or within a city, you still entrust your most valuable possessions in the hands of those who move.

Many people only move a handful of times in their life, so it is difficult to keep find out which mover is honest and which one is not in the moving business. Unluckily, this can leave you in the pity of moving companies with illegal prices, unreliable services, and even deceitful business services.

You can avoid these unfortunate scenarios by simply asking a few important questions before hiring a local moving company. This article is going to share some common but very important questions to ask local mover before finalizing them.

Does The Mover Provide A Valid Liability Insurance?

Most professional local movers offer some type of liability coverage. This means that if some of their stuff breaks due to negligence, they will pay to replace the item. However, the amount of liability coverage that a company offers is another story. Some local moving services will give you full liability coverage for a small additional charge.

Therefore, there are several types of moving insurances that the Best Moving Services can provide, and each has its benefits. Your agreement will likely include some basic liability insurance coverages. This is usually based on a fixed price per item or the weight of each article.

In most cases, however, this does not allow claims for punitive damages. If you own particularly valuable possessions, you may want to purchase additional insurance from a third party. The company should be able to offer you full coverage for an additional charge. This means that local carriers are responsible for any loss or damage items.

Is Local Moving Service Licensed And Bonded?

An easy way to make sure your local moving company fulfills all laws and regulations is to ask if it is an Updater Certified Moving Company. Moving companies are certified and must be licensed plus insured with a DOT number and registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration “FMCSA”.

FMCSA accreditation doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a moving company will give you fair prices or top-notch service, it does indicate that a company is not just a disguise for a scam. More than half of the states require the registered best Moving Services with a U.S. DOT number to be federally regulated.

Other requirements vary, but most states require moving carriers to register with the state’s Department of Transportation (DOT).

How Local Moving Company Is Going To Cost You?

To determine your local moving costs, you need to ask each mover how they calculate their price structure. Some moving companies charge for the weight loaded on the moving truck and the distance, others charge by the hour and the size of their equipment, and some charge a combination of the two.

What you don’t want is to be surprised on moving day with a series of additional or extra charges that you were not aware of, so be sure to ask your moving company about their moving policies. When you receive your final quote, be certain to ask the moving company how they will bill you. Also, inquire about the possibility of additional or extra charges. Some of the common add-on charges are:

  • The Stairs Climbing Charges
  • Extended Time Charges
  • Packing services
  • Packing Material Providing Charges

Before signing a contract, you need to understand exactly what you are going to pay.


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