Moving company tips – Are you planning to move?

Are you planning to move? There are a lot of things to think about. We had already told you which organizations to notify of your new address. But you’re also probably curious about the slate. What expenses should you plan for and how can you be optimally prepared for them? An overview.

Moving company or friends?

If you use a moving company, the bill consists of four items: the moving truck, the movers, the trip and the distance to be traveled. Since many factors come into play, it is difficult to define a single price. However, you can expect an invoice of between 500 and 2000 euros in all cases.

Asking several quotes in advance helps avoid a surprise or disappointment later.

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Have you chosen a moving company?

In this case, you can save money thanks to good preparation. If everything is ready and the movers don’t have to travel too far, your move will be completed in half a day. Also, take into account the date you are moving. Does it fall on a weekend? So the bill will be considerably higher than for a weekday. Of course, it gets even cheaper if you get a group of friends and family together. It won’t cost you a dime other than what you pay for drinks and snacks. But there is a but … Indeed, you need sufficient and bulky means of transport. If you are searching best shipping company in US, please check Shiply.

The rental price of a delivery or removal truck is between 50 and 60 euros per hour. The same principle applies here too: the faster and more efficient the removal, the less you pay.

Moving boxes and freight elevators

A standard household appliance fits well in reusable crates and/or cardboard boxes. Ask for it at the supermarket, your friends and family. Or buy them for a few euros if necessary. However, do you have special items like a piano, a pool table, or an aquarium? You will then need specialist help, especially if items need to be moved upstairs or into a room that is difficult to access.

Count at least 75 euros per day for a freight elevator. On weekends, the price will often be increased. And a freight elevator accompanied by an operator will push the bill even higher. In this case, the prices quickly reach nearly 65 euros per hour for the professional and the hoist. Notify the post office and any other supplier It will take a few months before your change of address is in order with your suppliers. In order to ensure that you continue to receive your important mail in the meantime, you can request that your mail be forwarded to bpost.

But this also has a cost: from 26.95 euros for 3 months to 201.60 euros for 24 months. Keep in mind that in some cases there is a charge for reconnecting your Internet, TV, and telephone services. It all depends on your current subscription and the connections at your new home. Fortunately, converting your energy contracts won’t cost you a dime. Don’t forget your solar panels!

Did you know that even your solar panels can move?

As long as you take the entire installation with you, that’s perfectly possible. This obviously comes at a cost, because everything has to be dismantled and reinstalled. Is it worth it? It depends in particular on the age and condition of your solar panels, the position of your old roof and the new one, etc.

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