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Why Replace Old Locks with RFID Locker Locks?

Padlocks are now the things of the past. Today, digital and smart locks are used in most homes and workplaces, as they are affordable and make sure that unwanted intruders stay away from your assets, valuables, and other essential documents.

Electronic locks are a savior. The Radio Frequency Identification or RFID lockers locks save the pain of carrying the locker key with the customer every time they are out. On top of that, this digital lock looks aesthetically modern and elegant.

Nowadays, people aren’t only shifting from traditional lockers to electronic lockers without any reason. RFID locker locks are well worth the investment, keeping in mind customer security and the product’s durability.

Various industrial sectors have enhanced their asset management solutions by installing RFID technology, enabling high levels of security and contactless data transfer.


Understanding RFID Locker Locks

Electronic door locks are rising in popularity for businesses. Switching from old locks to keyless entry has been convenient and swift. Apart from the basic advantages, there are a host of things you need to know before you go back to buying the same old locks.

RFID refers to contactless technology, and the system consists of three elements – RFID readers, RFID tags, and data collection and arrangement to analyze the information accurately.

RFID is a technology where the electromagnetic fields in the reader identify the data encoded within the RFID tags. The keycard sends a signal to the card reader, and the reader attached to the door reads the card details and releases the door lock when the card is presented to some proximity with the reader. The door can be opened when the lock is released and locked once the door is closed.


Why Replace Old Locks with RFID Locker Locks?

One may say that traditional locks, padlocks, knob locks, or mechanical locks aren’t much different from digital locks rather than being engaged electronically. Speaking about protection from intruders, you may even get the same secure lock. However, RFID locks include additional features, like synchronization with your smartphone, a breakdown alarm, etc.

In this fast-paced life, people are leaning more and more towards technology, and no doubt, these lockers are rapidly growing due to their diverse applications and convenience.

Following are the reasons for the prevalence of RFID lockers locks in different industries. Compared to the old locks, RFID gives more security. Let us look at some of the key benefits to include this in your business:


  • Easy to Configure

Rather than buying a new lock and key or updating with the new ones, configuring an RFID is primarily digital. All it requires is small changes and little adjusting.


  • Unmatched Protection

With RFID locks, key management becomes easy since there is no room for duplication.

RFID locker locks provide heightened security, which regular lockers cannot compete with. This locker does not have a keyhole, thus eliminating the risk of getting the valuables stolen. These lockers are armed with sensors and alarms that go off just when somebody tries to break in.


  • Easy to Monitor

RFID locker locks are here to save you ample time so you can focus on other crucial aspects of your business. If you run a business, an institute, resort, fitness club, or gym, then these locks are designed just for you.

From one central computer, you can manage and quickly take a look at all the lockers in use at any time. The lockers can be managed from one location. The employees don’t have to enter places every once in a while to invigilate.


  • Make More Money

RFID can upgrade your business’ efficiency and keep your customers happy. This well worth investment locker allows you to generate maximum profit since it requires less maintenance and provides maximum security.

When there is a large crowd, for instance, in a gym, getting traditional keys can be expensive, keeping in mind the lack of security. With RFID, there’s no need to replace the lock because in case of a break-in you will be notified instantly.


  • No Keys to Keep Track off

Carrying the key is risky because the chances of misplacing it are quite high. It’s much easier to remember a password or combination and keep track of them.

If there’s a card swipe in, carrying a plastic key card is simpler, affordable, and faster than buying a new key.


The Final Takeaway

Thanks to the technology that has made it possible for a protective system to secure documents, valuables, and assets. RFID locker locks are great for protecting your interior spaces, such as resorts, fitness clubs, universities, hospitals and clinics, and government entities.

Choose the top-quality and durable RFID locks from renowned brands to provide the best service to your customers. It’s time to replace your old lock with smart locks for a seamless experience.

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