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Download Instagram videos easily – No cost!

Instagram is developed sharply by raising its status to the ranks of the most famous photo and video sharing social networking services in the world, along with Facebook, TikTok, Twitter,…

However, users still have not been able to discover all its great features, such as how to download videos from stories, reels from Instagram to their device in a simple, easy but completely freeway.

Many of us even think that Instagram videos cannot be downloaded or are not sure which tool will help us to save videos from Instagram.

Now, we will show you the easiest and most effective ways to download Instagram videos.

Is video from Instagram downloadable or not?

The answer is yes, you can absolutely save any video you want from Instagram stories or reels to your device. Video is a type of sound recording that incorporates images, a form of sound recording that is far beyond the era of using only sound or image only. Just like Facebook, you can download Instagram videos easily and for free in the ways below.

How to download Instagram videos:

To download videos from Instagram there are many methods, but you need to choose the right method depending on the device you are downloading the video from. For example, between iP, iOS, Android, or between Windows and IOS computers.

First, you need to log in to your account with a computer to be able to download online videos via Instagram. Of course, you can also download videos via other devices such as your mobile. To download Instagram videos via phones and similar devices, you first need:

Download Instagram videos to your phone:

To be able to download Instagram videos to your phone, you first need to have the Instagram mobile app on your phone. You can enter the video link to download by going to a website called the video download page. However, using the application will make it easier, more logical, and time-saving.

Download videos from Instagram to iPhone.

To save stories, reels from Instagram, you need a special mobile device to be able to enter the link of the video you want to download in websites called mobile video download sites. Although downloading videos through websites is quite convenient, it will become much easier and shorter.

How to download IG videos to iOS mobile devices or tablets

The same with how to download videos from IG to iPhone, you need a video downloader app to be able to download videos from IG stories or reels.

Make sure the apps you download are safe or else some apps will contain viruses and destroy your device even though iOS apps have regular security checks. If you have a need to find different applications and tools to perform video downloads, you can also use iTunes with the IG video downloader.

Here is our recommendation for an app to help you download videos to your iOS device:

So how can I download videos from IG to my Android device (Phone/tablet)?

Similar to iOS devices, you’ll also need to download the Android-linked phone and tablet app from the Google store. The videos you have downloaded will be stored in the images or videos section of your device.

And the SnapX app for IG will make it possible for Android device users to download videos from Instagram. This is a completely free and widely used application.

Besides the one we have suggested for you, you can find other apps with the same function through the Google Play Store to download videos and download the IG photos you want.

Download online videos from Instagram without using the app:

Instead of downloading IG stories/reels videos through the app, you can download IG videos and photos with some online websites from your PC. You can type in the Google search bar: Download Instagram videos then Google will show you some useful websites. And,  SnapInsta.App is the most popular website for users. With just a simple operation of pasting the link of the Insta photo or video you want into the web search bar and clicking the download button, you can download the Instagram image or video you want.

                                  Download IG videos and photos with SnapInsta

SnapInsta – Instagram Downloader (

Some more ways to download Videos from Instagram stories/reels:

To be able to download videos and images from IG, you need to find the Google plugin first, then install and activate it. Video, Photo Downloader is a Google Chrome Instagram Plugin with great coverage, with great functionality to download IG images and videos for users.

 Please note: the above information is only suitable for Google Chrome users, if you are using another browser, the information we mentioned above will not work.

And to keep your device safe, make sure the websites or apps you use are completely harmless and trusted by everyone.

How to get Instagram Stories:

Sharing photos and videos on Instagram stories is common practice with users, so how do you get those shared stories?

First of all, you need to make sure that the account of the Stories you want to download is not a hidden account, which means it is a public account.

Of course, if it’s a hidden profile, you’ll need to follow the user to be able to see what he or she shares.

Next is using tools, safe browsing that supports different functions from your computer device.

 To download the Instagram Stories you want, enter the account name that owns the story you want to download and you will see the content you can download such as images, videos, boomerangs,… Downloading the amount will more or less depend on your needs. 

So is it possible to get downloadable Instagram stories featured?

 Stories Features from Instagram are like any other in that they are all downloadable. Stories when posted usually only last and appear for 24 hours, however, featured stories/news will be downloadable at any time with no limitation for 24 hours of sharing.

Will downloading Instagram stories have any disadvantages for my device?

The answer is absolutely not. The software used to download IG stories will not harm your phone or computer as long as you use a licensed and completely harmless tool (no viruses).

At the same time, you should also use products that are widely used to be on the safe side, and never use products that are clearly dangerous or do not have other users.

You can read the reviews in the comments section for more credibility. If you download unlicensed software and tools, also known as pirated copies, there is a high chance that your personal information will be stolen. Many IG accounts have been stolen by hackers and they have sent us help requests or questions and it shows that they have downloaded or used a pirated and unsafe product.


So now you know how to download content from Instagram including images or videos, stories, reels,.. easily and completely free! If you find our article helpful, please share it with everyone around you. Thank you for following this post.

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