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Why is my Comcast email not working on my iPhone?

Comcast email is an extraordinary email service. I got to know about it a few years back and have been using it ever since. 

For the most part, it works effectively, there aren’t many problems. However, there are some instances where it might give me some trouble. Out of the blue, I stopped getting emails. 

I am sure that it is faced by many more users, not only me. In this article, we will go through the reasons why it stops working. I hope it solves the user’s ‘Comcast email not working on iPhone.’ We will also discuss the solution as well, so read till the end.

Mostly, it does not work due to incorrect Mail app settings. You can check whether Third-Party Access Security choice is enabled or not.

Let’s get to ‘Why Comcast Email not Working On iPhone?’.

Comcast Server might be down

I know it is a mighty company but they can have problems like this too. It became evident that users were complaining to them about they were not receiving Comcast email on iPhone. This was the reason for their incompetent service, their server was down.

It was made clear by them that this was the reason.

Maybe your iPhone might be having a connectivity problem

Maybe sometimes it is not their fault and your iPhone might be facing connectivity issues. To check this, click on Cellular, go down to Mail and make sure whether it is enabled or not.

If it is off, then it is obvious to know why your Comcast email wasn’t working. Sometimes, the internet connection is off and the WIFI network appears to be working. Keep that in mind.

Comcast mail app might be outdated

It is advisable to have the latest iPhone, your Comcast email might be facing difficulty due to that.

Just look up if Apple has released a new version or not. If it has then go and update it. Problems might be resolved because updates can do that in the iPhone.

It is not advisable to do that right off the bat but if it’s happening again and again then try doing that.

 VPN might be the reason Comcast email not working

Some users earlier have made this mistake. VPN is used by many, including myself. But, if it is on it could stop you from receiving and sending.

How to solve this problem of Comcast Email not working

Some users have reported that ‘Comcast email not working on iPad’ as well. Not only on the iPhone.

Follow these steps to solve this issue of inaccessibility of Comcast email service. 

  • Click on the Settings app.
  • Then you can search for it or even scroll down to the “Passwords & Accounts” line in the Settings section.
  • You will see the ‘Add Account‘ field there, click on that.
  • Open another window and click on options.
  • Click on Add Mail Account which is below MAIL.
  • Fill in your name, Comcast email address, and Comcast password. Click on ‘Next‘. If it shows an “Invalid Email Address”, check whether the email address is valid.
  • Click on Save after that.
  • Search for the Comcast mail app on iPhone and start working on it. The app will install all emails from Comcast server.

If all this does not work to receive and send Comcast emails then force restart your phone. This works in most cases. Otherwise, reset all your settings. I am sure this will help you to receive and send Comcast emails on your iPhone.

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