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Important Factors for Printer Speed

A Printer is an electronic device that presents text documents and graphic output from a computer and transfers it to the paper to convert soft copy to hard copy. Usually, it prints to the standard size sheets of paper. Photo Printers are broadly classified into two groups.

  • Impact printers (Dot Matrix Printer)
  • Non-impact printers (Inkjet printers, laser printers)

Impact printers working is like an automatic typewriter. A key struck an inked impression on paper for each printed character. The dot-matrix printer is known as a low-cost printer. Impact printers are those that print or strike the paper a line at a time.

Non-impact printers are inkjet printers. The inkjet printer working is different as it sprays ink from an ink cartridge onto the paper as it rolls at very close range. It uses a laser beam technology reflected from a mirror to attract ink to selected paper areas in the form of a sheet rolls over a drum.

We can also classify printers based on features like usage of color and fonts. Printers are classified in speed, sophistication, size, and cost. More expensive printers like Canon Inkjet Large format Printers and photo printers are used for higher-resolution color printing.

Every printer may make hard copies of your prints. Still, photo printers are specifically intended to generate as close to photo lab quality as possible. Large format laser or inkjet printers such as Canon Inkjet Large format Printers and Epson Printers are used in digital printing.

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Factors that affect Printer Performance:

Desktop and workgroup printers are in various technologies, each with its tradeoffs for speed and quality. Speed is essential when you’re printing on your laser or inkjet printer.

Financial reports and other multipage documents need a faster print speed than an occasional invoice. A speed indicator in terms of the manufacturer’s language is Pages-per-minute (ppm) which rate the printer.

Still, there are several aspects of a printer that affects the speed of the printer. One should know what affects print speed and why?

Variables That Affect Print Speed:

Speed concern with the size and type of printed documents in a great deal. Printers need to do a lot of background work before it prints when you have a large PDF file. The process will be relatively fast when you print a lot of black and white text documents.

Here are some important factors which affect the speed of the printer.

  1. Choice of printer technology
  2. Age of the printer
  3. Color printing vs. black ink-only printing
  4. Printer settings
  5. High-resolution vs. low-resolution printing
  6. Print quality
  7. Usage

Let’s have an in-depth look at all these factors:

1.       Choice of Printer Technology:

Here are two technologies in the printer: Laser and the other one is Canon Inkjet Large Format Printers. Both have differences in speed, image quality, and functionality. A laser printer is termed faster than an inkjet.

Laser printers are best for those who:

  • Need fast printers with large print capacity
  • Print bulk volumes of black and white documents
  • can buy Toner cartridges as they are more expensive than ink cartridges for inkjet printers.
  • High-volume laser printer prints as fast as 100 pages per minute.

Inkjet printers are best for those who:

  • Require high-quality images best example is a photo printer and Canon Inkjet Large Format Printers
  • want to print on a broad range of paper types
  • These printers are relatively slower, and their paper trays may not hold as much and are rated at about 15 pages per minute for black ink.

2.       Age of the Printer:

A significant feature is the age of the printer that is the leading indicator for performance and reliability. When the printer is too old, it might lead to sensors and print heads out of line.

Also, there are chances that you need to replace few parts like roller separation. The repair costs go up, and replacement parts can be expensive and even obsolete.

3.       Color Printing Vs. Black Ink-Only Printing:

Speed affects color printing, particularly when the color ink is used in photographs. Sometimes color printing is essential for users who need to print pages for multiple presentation and other different pages where color is important part of the information.

Speed will affect color printing, such as photo printers since they use two ink cartridges. One color and one black ink need to be replaced after a certain number of pages. One who wants to print a lot of pages will find a black-and-white printer cheaper to operate.

Both toner and ink cartridges offer multiple benefits in black printing.

4.       Printer Settings:

The printer’s setting must be easy to attain a speed. Some printers have a setting that instructs the printer to flip a page, apply an edge and reverse the order of the pages in multipage documents.

These setting put extra load on the printer before the printing start.

5.       High-resolution vs. Low-resolution Printing:

Resolution always affects the speed of the printer. High-resolution images take a longer time to print than low-resolution images. The sharpness and edges of text and images on paper are usually measured in dots per inch (dpi).

Photo printers use high resolution for professional-quality photos. Canon Inkjet Large Format Printers is one of the printer use high-resolution printing.

6.       Print Quality:

Printers offer a choice of quality. Photo printers are used for high quality, and some are for draft quality which is the fastest mode to use.

7.       Usage:

Printers are rated for different print mass and volume. If the printer is running at high revolution for a longer time than the rated time, it can cause damage to the motor. Excessive usages of printers also cause print heads to fail and print quality to fade rapidly.

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External Elements Affect The Speed:

The overall condition of your printer and the environment around it is the key indicators in this regard. The enclosures are not secured, and the open spot during the printer’s operation affects the printer’s performance.

Exterior elements like dust, grease, lint, and oil get inside the printer and affect the performance. These elements can mark in the rollers and broke printer heads. The loose cables which are not connected properly can break away, damaging the pins and will interrupt printer communications.

Internal Elements Affect The Speed:

Some internal elements such as grease, oil, and other harmful elements in the printer can cause damage to the ribbon sensors. This problem would not print and feed at the correct location. These worn parts can produce light prints and print failure.

How to set the printer for Faster Printing:

Printers have different settings at which they operate. Whenever you need speed, change the setting of your printer to default to draft. You won’t get fonts particularly smooth at this setting, and colors won’t be rich, but you will get the speed and save time.

What are Page-Per-Minute Ratings?

It is the term that manufacturers used in the printer’s specification. The ppm rating shows how much efficient a printer is. The ppm rating was the printer’s printing speed under perfect conditions when sending a black text to the printer. It will slow down when color, graphics, and images are sent to the printer. The color ink ppm is half of the black ink ppm.


There are several printers in various technologies, each with its pros and cons for speed and quality. Laser printers are better for business, and inkjets are strictly for low-volume family and home-office use.

The best way to ensure a fast print speed for your application is to buy the best and most suitable printer that suits your needs. Print speed is sometimes an essential part when you’re at work.

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