Which Type Of Cotton Is Used For Vaping?

Different materials have been used and experimented with for the vape wicks like silica, Ekowool, and stainless steel mesh wicks. But the cotton wicks are validated as the best material for wicks by most of the vapers. It is said: If you want to have high levels of flavoursome drag, you have to choose cotton wicks. Therefore, cotton has become one of the most common materials used for vape wicks. 

Some of the types of cotton used in vaping are:

Organic cotton balls:

Organic cotton balls are the best and most commonly used cotton wicks in Rebuildable atomizer(RBA) tanks. They are the simple and traditional forms of a wick. They are understood as the safest wicks as they are organic. The cotton harvesters do not add chemicals and pesticides, so they are completely safe. Also, these are a very cheap option and are available at almost every store. Nicotine salts and organic cotton balls are considered the best combo in an E-cig; they combine to give a greater and denser puff. And you can easily find both organic cotton balls and nicotine salts for sale UK. But, currently, some debates are still going on about how the cotton balls have become less organic. According to some resources, many vape wicks claim to have organic cotton, but in fact, they are infected with pesticides and chemicals which you would not prefer to inhale.

Japanese organic cotton:

A better alternative to organic cotton balls is Japanese organic cotton. It is considered the purest organic cotton in the market, as it is void of pesticides and chemicals. The quality of Japanese organic cotton assures a flavoursome puff. It is very easy to use Japanese organic cotton as they come in pads. They can be easily used as a wick for vape due to their unique structure and form. These wicks are majorly used by hardcore vapers who can withstand intense throat hit.

Cotton Bacon:

Cotton Bacon is the world’s cleanest cotton, only manufactured in the US. The cotton bacon is taste-less cotton material and does not have any artificial flavours added to it. Also, this cotton is peroxide-free as the manufacturers avoid using hydrogen peroxide in the purification process. Moreover, Supima cotton is used while making cotton bacon that is the best material for the wick. Given its unique qualities, it is one of the costly wick materials. However, if you want to spend money on getting the best experience, you can buy it anywhere, online and offline.

Kendo Cotton:

Like Japanese organic cotton, Kendo cotton comes in pads, so it is very easy to use. In fact, Kendo cotton contains 100% Japanese organic cotton that lasts two times longer than any other cotton. The kendo cotton is heat resistant, so it does not burn easily. It does not contain a flavour, and its flavour retention is very weak. Therefore, it allows you to use the same wick for different flavours. Like Japanese organic cotton, it is void of pesticides and chemicals.

Why cotton wicks? 

As said earlier in the article, different types of wick materials were tested, but only cotton surpassed. It is due to its ability that it offers the vapers to do long pulls at a high wattage. The cotton wick bridges the gap between the vape juice and heating element, providing a smooth flow; thus, it enhances the vaping experience.

In a nutshell

Cotton is the best material option for the vape wick, therefore choosing the best quality cotton is even more essential. You may have a good quality vape, but if you have low-quality cotton, it can ruin the vaping.


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