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Best Baby Block Toys You Must Have In 2022

Baby block toys are more than just a basic educational toy for kids because it captivates entertainment, STEM activity, fun, and creativity. Whether it is Lego blocks, building block sets, or alphabet blocks, young kids love using their creative skills to stack blocks innovatively. No matter which age group your kid belongs to, you can always find baby block toys on the list for baby toys online shopping in Pakistan. However, it may seem overwhelming to choose from an immersive list of block toys. Therefore, we are here to give a brief guide on buying the best baby block toys to make you choose the right one as per your kid’s age.

Without further ado, let’s dive into a variety of bloc toys for kids available online.

·       Building blocks:

Blocks are majorly meant to stack together in any specific pattern or shape to build a unique entity. They bring the opportunity to kids to use their creative skills to invent and create a building by simply fixing several blocks together. The building blocks toy set is comprised of several shapes and sizes of blocks in all vibrant colors. Kids can mix, match, and stack them together to create different objects, such as houses, buildings, pyramids, animals, robots, etc. Some come with a manual guide that teaches a kid to create different objects with stackable blocks.

·       ABC blocks:

If you are looking for baby block toys for toddlers, you can choose the ABC block. They are simply educational toys that teach the kids the alphabet and letters in a fun play. Different sides of the block show an alphabet, a letter, a number, and a picture. Kids can flip the block and learn a new alphabet. Classic ABC blocks are usually available in wooden and foam material to make them safe for young kids.

·       Wooden blocks:

Wooden blocks are the classic building block set that allows the kids to build a structure with wooden pieces. These sets mostly contain blocks of different shapes and sizes that combine and fix flawlessly to make the created building robust. In this collection, you will find plain wooden blocks, alphabet blocks, ABC wooden blocks, and more.

·       Stacking blocks:

Stackable blocks are the same as building blocks, but stacking blocks do not fix each other. Nevertheless, the different shapes, colors, and sizes allow you to stack different blocks and create a unique temple. In this collection, you will also find ABC stacking blocks to make kids arrange alphabets in the right order. You will also find foam block toys in the stackable feature because soft foam makes them safer for kids to play with.

·       Shape sorter blocks:

If you want to teach kids about shapes, you should consider buying shape sorters. They also come in block design. Each block has a different geometric shape, such as a square, triangle, rectangle, circle, etc. They come with a box, which has different shapes cut. Kids need to match the shape and use the respective cut to put the shape in the box. They make the kids familiar with shapes and colors while improving their hand-to-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The appropriate age for such toys is 12 months and above because kids start exploring and learning new things after the 1st year of development.

·       Magnetic blocks:

Magnetic blocks make educational building block activities more enticing and stimulating for kids. They are actually magnetic tiles having magnetic corners that snap together to create an entity. The different triangles, rectangles, and squares snap in a different pattern to get the shape of a temple, pyramid, or building. They create a bit complex structure, so young kids will find it difficult. However, kids above 5 years will find it interesting as it allows them to create unique objects with great imagination and innovation skills.

·       Jumbo blocks:

Kids who love Lego building blocks or any other baby blocks toys will love to create their playhouse with them. Therefore, some brands have come up with a jumbo block set. They are the same as the regular ones, but only the size varies. Kids can use their STEM skills to create a huge object, playhouse, or any other entity by simply stacking and joining the jumbo bricks. You will also find cardboard blocks in jumbo size because cardboard material is light in weight and safe for kids.

Benefits of playing with baby blocks toys:

The classic and simplest block toys contain the seeds of STEM skills, innovation, imagination, and creativity. So, it is always a wise decision to let your kids play with different types of blocks during their growing age. The accompanying benefits of the best baby block toys are as under:

  • Cognitive Flexibility: Creating different objects with blocks helps kids develop better cognitive skills, including math skills, vocabulary, STEM skills, balance, geometry, etc.
  • Color Recognition: Young kids can learn new shapes, colors, and sizes that they use to build various structures.
  • Concentration: The building block set is comprised of several small and large blocks of different shapes. So, it is important to be focused on every pick to create any structure. Kids learn to concentrate on any task by playing with block toys.
  • Construction Skills: Creating a unique structure with tiles or blocks require proper construction skills, as kids need to pick and fix the right block in the right place. The manual in the set teaches the kid the construction skills for building any specific temple, building, or any other object.
  • Counting Skills: Some blocks have mentioned ABC and numbers that teach kids alphabet and counting. You can teach the kids counting by doing the activity of block counting.
  • Creative Thinking: Once a kid built a structure with blocks, he starts thinking creatively to improve their construction skills. They use their imagination skills and innovation to try and create a different structure.
  • Fine Motor Skills: They are the small movement of hands and fingers that allow kids to do small stuff in daily life. Playing with building blocks strengthens fine motor skills by improving the grasping abilities of hands.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the best baby block toys for your little architect and let him show his creativity and innovation.

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