What Is Offshore Software Development? What Are The Key Benefits Of Outsourcing Them?

There is not much need to elaborate on why using software applications is important. From neighborhood start-ups to MNCs working in major countries, almost every business relies on web and Software applications these days. While using readymade software applications may fit the bill for some companies that is not the case with several entities- hailing from different niches. They prefer developing customized applications to meet business needs. Hiring regional software firms for application development is possible but sometimes hiring a custom software development company is better.

What is offshore software development?

Offshore software development denotes a process in which software applications are developed by agencies located in faraway countries, and they deliver products to the clients through outsourcing. Typically, businesses located in European countries and the USA hire offshore software development agencies located in countries in Asia and the Middle East. The clients and developers communicate through various online and social media platforms throughout the entire process.

While most offshore development agencies develop applications of varying types, some of them also offer allied services too. They also offer software testing and QA services and UI/UX design services through outsourcing, for example.

The major benefits of software development outsourcing

There are numerous advantages of opting for offshore software development services. Thousands of businesses choose such offshore software agencies, year after year.

  • Cost reduction– For a majority of businesses choosing an offshore software development company is driven by the cost reduction factor. Compared to a regional software firm, hiring an offshore firm offering the same service through outsourcing proves to be more affordable in most instances. While this is especially beneficial for small and mid-sized businesses, it can benefit the technology and corporate behemoths too. There is no denying the fact that after Covid-19, businesses of all sizes are looking for measures to cut down costs.
  • No disruption to workflow– Hiring a regional software development firm may lead to disruption in the business workflow. If the team of developers work on the same premises, managing things can be tedious. On the contrary, when you sign up for the services of an offshore software development agency, such hassles do not exist. Your existing business operations are not affected at all.
  • Enhanced customization options– The reason you evade buying readymade software applications is the lack of customization options. So, when you hire custom application development entities, this is something you have to check. Typically, offshore application development companies offer superb customizations for their clients. You can ask them to make multilingual applications or applications that consume minimal resources, for example.
  • More flexibility- The offshore application development agencies offer better flexibility than the regional ones, as has been seen. Even though the time zone of the client company is distinct, these agencies agree to adhere to that. This can be especially fruitful in projects where applications are developed through a collaboration model.
  • A talented pool of developers- Usually, offshore software development firms keep talented software developers. They keep developers proficient in diverse web and software development technologies. For example, you can find developers and programmers proficient in technologies like C++, Python, PHP, JavaScript and ASP.Net. They also keep full-stack developers in their teams.
  • Faster development- Sometimes, you may need an application developed for your business on short notice. In such situations, looking for agencies offering software development services makes more sense. These companies are capable of developing Software of varying types under tight deadlines.
  • No compromise on quality– The majority of offshore application development companies are professional, and they deliver quality products as per client requirements. This explains why they have a high client retention rate. They also ensure aspects like security, UI, ease of usage and platform compatibility are implemented as per client guidelines. These agencies also ensure the applications made by them are tested repeatedly to ensure the final products do not contain any bugs.

Things to analyze when hiring an offshore software development agency

Over the years, the number of offshore agencies offering software development has multiplied. Nowadays, it becomes hard to pick the right candidate from so many options. However, you have to evaluate the right agency, and this is possible when you assess the contenders using some vital parameters.

  • The expertise of the agency- Not every software outsourcing agency offers the same set of services for the clients. Some of these agencies may, for example, specialize in developing Open Source applications, while there are others that deal with licensed frameworks and tools. Think of the existing applications used in your business. You will gain by using a custom application that syncs with existing ones from a logical perspective.
  • Client base and feedback- Before signing up for the services of any offshore software agency, check out the clients it has. Does the agency have clients hailing from the same niche as yours? However, you will find offshore software developers working with a multitude of clients in most instances. In any case, ensure you check out the client reviews of such agencies.
  • Security- No matter if you want an Open Source or licensed framework-based application for your company, overlooking the security factor is not an option! Security loopholes in business applications are what malicious hackers look for. You have to ensure the applications developed for your brand are secure and do not have loopholes for malware to sneak in. So, ask an offshore software form about security measures deployed by it.
  • Cost- The cost of a custom application depends on some key factors. While hiring an offshore development agency will help in keeping the cost down, you have to think of certain factors nevertheless. Factors like the complexity and features of the application, overall development time, security features deployed, support for multiple languages etc., drive up the cost eventually. In any case, the top offshore development agencies will explain the nuances of the cost.
  • Support options- Even after you get an application developed by an offshore software firm that is not the end of it. You have to think of the support options offered by the agency. You never know when the application will start acting weird. In such situations, you will need a quick support from the developer. So, ensure you choose an offshore application development agency offering multi-channel support for its clients.
  • Interaction- You may have questions lurking in your mind when looking for an offshore software agency. You may think of its credibility and final outcome etc. However, you can fathom its credibility and suitability for your needs by analysing the response you get from the agency. A top-notch offshore application agency will not hurry to make you sign up for its packages. You can expect a detailed video consultation session. You should clarify all the queries you have before getting things finalized.

Summing it up

There are clear advantages of hiring an offshore software development agency to get a custom application made for your company. However, it is necessary that you assess available agencies with care to pick the right one.

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