When Is The Ideal Time To Repair A Roof In Bedfordshire?

The roof is that part of the house which faces problems throughout the year and gets damaged the most. If it is not serviced on time and it’s time to time repairing are also neglected then the damage to it can worsen which the house owner most certainly does not want. The chief reason why a roof tends to get damaged so frequently is that it is the outer part of the house. This part is the most exposed to the harsh weather elements which tend to wear and tear the shingles on the roof.

Common roof problems which the people face:

Roof Leakage:

Some of the common roof problems which people face are that their roof is leaking due to which they are experiencing damp walls in the house. A leaking roof can be due to a number of reasons like there is some damaged shingle due to which there is a hole in the roof which is allowing the water to pass through it. Another reason for a damaged roof might be that the roof is improperly installed. There can be any problem like a damaged roof membrane, an improperly installed roof flashing, or damaged shingles around the chimney which are allowing the water to pass through it.

Gutter Blockage:

The gutter blockage is another issue that the homeowners have to face. The main reason for a gutter getting blocked is due to the leaves which get accumulated on the top of the roof. It is no surprise that houses have a lot of trees around them which have the tendency of continuously shedding the leaves. The only way for the leaves to leave the roof is through the gutters.

However, if a lot of leaves get accumulated in the gutter then the chances are very high that it will cause the blockage which will prevent the water to leave the roof. Neglecting this problem for a long time period can result in increasing the weight of the gutter due to which it can also break down.

Deteriorated Shingles:

And lastly damaged shingles are also the most common problem which the roofers have to fix. The number of reasons for a shingle getting damaged is that with age and with constant exposure to outside elements such as the rain, snow, and dust storms the shingles can get cracked and even break down. If even none of these factors affect shingles, constant exposure to sunlight will definitely affect it. After being constantly exposed to the sunlight for some time the shingles will start to deteriorate and ultimately lose their effectiveness.

The ideal time for getting the roof repaired:

The ideal time to get a roof repaired services in Bedfordshire is during the fall time. In winters the weather is very harsh even for the roofers to work on. In winters a lot of problems can arise like snow or ice can get accumulated on the roof due to which finding any problem and fixing it can get difficult. When the roofers will not be able to even the see problem then obviously, they would not be able to fix it properly and as a result, only their time and your money would be wasted.

Fall Season is the ideal season:

Improper fixing of problems can later cause you difficulty as the holes or the damages in the shingles would not be fixed and when the snow or rain melts then its water will go into the holes and cause difficulties for the homeowner. In addition to this, fixing damaged shingles can also become very problematic. This is because if the temperature goes below 26 degrees then shingles become fragile. At this point, it is recommended that instead of using a nail gun one uses the method of hand nailing.

Out of all the seasons, fall is the ideal season because the weather is not harsh and one can clearly see all the damage which has been done to the roof. Light also remains sufficient throughout the day and the weather is also moderate and not harsh so that the roofers can also work on the roof whilst remaining in their comfort.

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Suggestion of roof Experts:

Typically roof experts suggest that one should always get a roof repaired or inspected when the weather is not cloudy and there is plenty of sunshine. It does not mean that the weather should be hot but rather it should be moderate and be ideal for the roofers to work in. In addition to that, getting a roof thoroughly inspected after a storm, hurricane or heavy rainfall is always a smart thing to do.

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