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What is a Food Processor and How Does it Work?

Today, we’ll learn about what is a food processor and we’ll explain its working system in the simplest way. A food processor can be a useful kitchen appliance that automates small tasks such as chopping, slicing and dicing, blending and mixing.

You can use it to chop, slice, chop, blend and many other functions. It will reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks by speeding up your kitchen.

How to Use a Food Processor?

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Now that you know what is a food processor, let’s know

Get your food processor together

Before you can use your food processor, it is necessary to assemble it. For safety reasons, unplug it first. Next, attach the plastic bowl to its base.

Most models will allow you to place the bowl in the correct spot. Next, attach the blade to the bottom of your plastic bowl. To ensure that everything is secured, gently twist and shake the plastic container and blade.

Toss In Your Ingredients

Place all your ingredients in the bowl. If you are using liquids, ensure you don’t exceed the line. Otherwise, you risk overfilling your food processor. You should chop larger ingredients before adding them to the bowl.

Turn on the Food Processor

Secure the lid to the top of your plastic bowl. Turn on the food processor. Most models won’t start if the lid isn’t secure. Most likely, there will be two buttons: one that says “run” or another that says “pulse.” These two buttons will allow you to chop your food at different speeds.

The “run” button will run your blade continuously, making it perfect for finely chopping and pureeing. The “pulse” button will run your blade only while you press the button. For more control over the texture and appearance of your ingredients, you can press and release quickly the button using a pulsing motion.

You can add additional ingredients later to your recipe by inserting them through the tube inside your processor’s lid. To add additional ingredients to your processor that does not come with a tube, you can turn it off and take the lid off. Also, its important to know which is the best food processor in India as its not a small investment.

Clean it thoroughly

After you are done with mixing or grinding tasks, remove it from the dishwasher to wash. Most models can be put in the dishwasher with the exception of the electric base. This should be cleaned with a damp towel or cloth.

You must ensure that all parts of your food processor are dry before you attempt to reassemble them. This is because of electrical safety concerns. You should not wash the electric base in the sink.

Also, you can know about how to clean a cold press juicer.

Creative Ways to Use Your Food Processor

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It is much more than a blender with steroids. It’s a revolutionary appliance that can reduce your kitchen workload just as fast and easily as it can through…anything. We’re here to help you find new ways to use it.

1. Pulverizing Meat

You can make your own ground meats to make burgers, meatballs and sausage patties.

  • You can buy cuts of meat on sale and then grind them in your food processor.
  • You can make it easier to grind meats like beef, pork, turkey, chicken, and chicken by cutting them into 1-inch pieces. Then freeze the chunks for 30 minutes, then use the “S” blade to grind them.
  • You can use the Pulse button to quickly mince the meat in short bursts. Finish pulsing by adding seasonings.
  • Nicole shows how to grind meat using a food processor in the video.

2. Churn butter

To make the best butter, you only need one ingredient. You can add salt to make it two.

  1. Use the “S” blade on your food processor to pour heavy cream (no, half-and-half is not allowed). Let it rip with an optional pinch salt. In about 10 minutes, it will separate the butter fat and the liquid.
  2. Use a strainer made of fine mesh and lined with cheesecloth or paper towels to drain the liquid.
  3. Home cooks may save the liquid for baking.

3. Big Batch Mixing

A food processor can cut down on the time it takes to prepare a recipe that has many ingredients. Nicole shows you how to make Sausage and Egg Casserole.

4. Salsa

To get the best results, chop ingredients in large pieces before you add them to your food processor. This 5-star recipe for D’s Famous Salsa is a great example of how to make it easy. Nicole claims that once you make your own salsa, you will never buy store-bought again.

5. Emulsified Sauces

In a matter of seconds, whip up the silkiest, creamiest Hollandaise sauce and mayonnaise. (Nicole takes it one step further, making homemade ranch dressing from mayonnaise.

6. Pie Dough

To make your own pie crusts, cut down on the time it takes you to turn butter into flour. This Flaky Pie Crust recipe is worth a try.

7. Bread Dough

Wait, what? You can make bread dough with your food processor. Try this recipe: Rich White Bread The food processor handles that step as well. Wonderchef Food Processor can be the best choice making bread dough.

8. Nut Butter & Flour

  • Do you love fresh nut butters, but not the price? You can make peanut butter and almond butter with your food processor.
  • You can make your own flours for much less. You can use your food processor to grind oats, other grains, almonds, other nuts, seeds, and legumes.

9. Cauliflower & Broccoli rice

To make low-carb, nutritious rice alternatives, pulse raw broccoli or cauliflower chunks in a food processor. You should not overprocess the vegetables, or they will turn into puree. Check out these Cauliflower Rice recipes.

10. Shaved Ice

For a quick summer treat, blitz some ice cubes. Top with flavored syrups.

11. Good Cream

These recipes for “nice cream”, dairy-free frozen desserts, are available in just minutes. They’re made with vegan-friendly ingredients such as nuts, fruits and plant-based milks.

12. Shaved and Sliced Vegetables

Nicole also likes to use the shredder/slicer disc to create mounds of vegetables and cheese in fractions of the time that it takes to do manually.

  • In seconds, prepare shredded Brussels sprouts or coleslaw.
  • You can make thinly sliced potato chips with no mandoline.
  • Instead of spending money on bagged goods, shred cheese.

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