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Shop Camping Essentials with Argos Discount Code

A trip has a much better chance of being successful when it is well prepared. Or at least that you never miss anything while you are on the road. If you are about to go backpacking, you must know how to prepare your backpack in the best way, avoiding having a wrong time later. Discover all the backpacking and camping essentials at Argos online. Shop now and enjoy exclusive offers on our Argos Discount Code.

Tips for camping and having an epic experience with Argos Discount Code

Camping is one of the outdoor experiences that will allow you to enjoy nature fully. If you are dying to sleep under the stars in a camp, you are also afraid that it will not turn out as you expect, do not worry. We are here to help you. Even if you are an experienced camper, some of these camping tips may help you on your next expedition.

How to Assemble the Backpack? Tips for Backpackers with Argos Discount Code

When you go backpacking, conditions can change quite a bit on your way. Some nights you will spend in hostels, others camping and one or another in some means of transport. The important thing is to know how to adapt to each of these situations. You always have to be ready but without overloading. Why not order all the essentials online at Argos? All with our discount offer on Argos Promo Code.

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1. Organization is the key with Argos Discount code

It is essential to find out about our route and what variables we can run into. We must keep in mind how long we will be traveling, what type of routes we will use, the weather we will be exposed to, and what services we will have available.

The most practical thing is to make a list of everything you think you might need. Write down everything that comes to mind, considering any unforeseen events. You will likely end up with a pervasive list, and it is at this point, you will begin to apply “filters” to reduce the luggage to the essentials. Gather everything you will need before you start packing. For all the ideas and needs, shop online. Use our Argos Promotional Code.

2. Crossing out the unnecessary

Have you recently come back from the trip? If not, then it may not be a must. Do you need to wear more sneakers? One pair of trekking shoes and one pair of light sneakers/sandals will likely suffice. Will you wear a change of clothes for each day of the week? An extra change or two will be more than enough if you will be traveling. If you are going to do it with friends, gather your loads when using laundry in a hostel.

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Do you really need that many layers? A thick jacket and a water cape (or windbreaker) will be sufficient shelter. Consider that ideally, your load will not exceed 20% of your body weight. Once you’ve determined what to wear, it’s time to start weight distribution. Check out Argos’ clothing section. Shop at a discount via Argos Voucher Code.

3. Secure the load. Use the straps arranged to tighten on your backpack.

When finished, put on your backpack. You must adjust the belt, shoulders, and chest strap. Remember that the bag must not wobble. It must be well adjusted to the hips (where most of the weight will rest), and on the shoulders, there must be a space where you can only reach your hands.

You must reduce the weight of your backpack to a minimum. Keep in mind that you could buy things while traveling. If you plan to travel for more than one season, then buy the extra clothing you need while traveling. There is no point in carrying those sandals if there are still two months of winter left, just as there is no point in carrying a thick jacket in the height of summer. Visit the accessories section at Argos. Take advantage of or Argos Promo Code.

4. Ideally, everything should always be inside the backpack.

If you will also do activities such as trekking and leave your backpack and most of the load in a hostel or camp, having an exploration backpack can be helpful, ideally between 20 and 30 liters. This smaller backpack is often included in the larger bag, so you can buy two in one. This does not mean that you can include yours if you prefer.

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Finally, when buying a backpack, you need to be clear about the use you want to give it, the water-resistance you will need, and that it fits your morphology. Backpacks have sizes and many other features, so that each person may need a different one depending on their body and goals. Take your time. Consider that they will probably be your companions for years. For exclusive ideas and deals, click on the Argos Promo Code.

5. Get family tents and camps.

Family camps are a new concept of camping where the whole family can enjoy unforgettable days. They share the similarity of organization, equipment, and operation with summer camps for children, but the big difference is that parents can also attend the camp.

The activities carried out in the family camp depend on the theme of the camp. For example, if the camp’s theme is multi-adventure, activities such as hiking, zip lines, gymkhanas will be carried out. If the camp is nautical, there will be surfing, paddle surfing activities. Many of the activities are joint and will be developed as a family; others are separated into children and parents. This organization always depends on the program of the camp. For additional savings, use our Argos Discount Code.

6. Make a list of all the things you will take from Argos Discount Code

When it comes to camping, it is essential to pack your backpack in advance. If you make it the night before, you will most likely forget something important. Therefore, it is always helpful to have a list confirming that we do not forget anything and mark each accessory as you include it in your backpack.

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Keep in mind that you will be in a remote area where you probably will not have any stores available, so you must be prepared for any eventuality. We assure you that it will not be fun to arrive at the camp and find that you forgot a flashlight, matches, or even toilet paper. In our experience, these are the items that travelers often forget at home when they go camping:

  1. Headlamp or hand torch
  2. Pocket knife or utility knife
  3. Lighter or matches
  4. Garbage bags
  5. Cutlery and/or plates
  6. Portable Charger
  7. Toilet paper and/or wet wipes

7. Wear the appropriate clothing and equipment

This is the philosophy of nomads and our reason for being. Typically, the testimonies of bad camping experiences are because people were cold during the night or because there was a storm and the rain seeped into their tents. The lesson of this is that you can find a great destination and have the best company, but if you are properly equipped, you will have the perfect recipe for an epic experience. Are you ready to gear up? Check Argos online. Order now. Do not skip our Argos Discount Code.

To choose the right equipment, it is essential to review the weather forecast of the destination you visit and not just rely on your common sense. Let’s take a simple example, like camping on the beach. If this is the first time you are camping there and in summer, you may think that the weather will be calm and not need many shelters. Nothing is further from reality. During the day, there can be a temperature of 30C on the beach, but at night the sea breeze is intense, and even in summer, you will need a suitable sleeping bag and something warm.

8. Bring suitable clothing and equipment.

There are four items to consider when it comes to camping gear and gear:

Clothes: We must dress in layers and avoid cotton, as this material quickly absorbs sweat and is challenging to dry. You can learn more about the three-layer theory here. Check the latest collection at a discount. Use the Argos Promo Code.

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The tent: The most important thing is that it has the appropriate level of waterproofing for the destination you will visit. The waterproofness in a tent is measured in the water columns that it can withstand and is shown with the symbol “mm.” If you want to know more about choosing a tent, you can visit our guide to buy a tent and not die trying. In general, this will help you choose the right one:

The sleeping bag: always indicates the minimum temperature that it can withstand. Consider the weather forecast to choose a sleeping bag that resists the minimum temperature of the destination you will visit. If you want to find comfortable shoes, you can buy them here. Click on the Argos Voucher Code.

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The mat: prevents you from trailing heat during the night and gives you greater comfort when sleeping. The colder the destination, you will need a mat with better insulating properties.

9. Get familiar with the camping gear.

If you try on new gear when you get to your camping site, it may take some time to figure out how to use or put it together. It is common to see novice campers taking hours to figure out how to pitch a tent. If the cold is intense, it is getting dark, or a storm begins to fall, you will want to shelter as soon as possible in your tent. Therefore, it is best to set up the tent a few days before at home so that you can practice and do it without problems on the day of the camp. You can also take the assembly instructions with you if you need to consult them at any time.

In the worst case, you might even find that one of your equipment is not working or that some parts are missing. Therefore, this advice does not only apply to tents, but also to other equipment. Check that your flashlights are working correctly and carry extra batteries, just in case if you have never cooked with a gas stove, practice lighting it at home and verify that it works well. For exclusive deals, click on the Argos Promotional Code.

10. Carry enough food and water

Camping does not mean that you will only eat cereal bars for several days. We recommend you bring a stove and a set of pots to prepare some more elaborate dishes. Nowadays, you can even find dehydrated meals to prepare in your camp. If you go with friends, the weight of the kitchen equipment can be distributed. One carries the ingredients, another the pots, and another the stove with the gas. Cooking in a camp is a memorable experience. Shop all the essentials from Argos. Do not skip our Argos Discount Code offers.

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If you prefer not to bring kitchen utensils, we recommend that you have canned food with you, such as canned tuna, beans, or sausages. You can also get fruits, nuts, cereals, bread, boxed juices, and some snacks or snacks. The amount of food will always depend on the days you will be camping, but do not lose sight of the weight of your backpack. Keep in mind that you will need to carry a little more food if you have to go on walks during your trip, as you will need to recover energy.

Along with diet, a crucial point to consider is hydration. It is recommended that you consume a minimum of two liters of water per day. Don’t make the mistake of carrying a lot of food but little water. If you go by car to the place where you will camp, you can take a 20L box of water and tomato or a cup, to avoid using plastic bottles.

11. Make a bonfire in a camp.

Build a bonfire for the night. However, you must consider not to make your fire under a small tree since the branches can ignite and cause a fire. It would be best if you also considered lighting your campfire at a safe distance from the tents, as a spark could reach the fabric of a tent and damage it. On the other hand, many people do not know it, but leaving your shoes to dry near the fire is a big mistake. Intense heat will crack your trekking boots. Finally, do not forget to put out the fire before sleep, as the wind can fan the flames during the night and cause an accident. Are you excited to camp? Have you shopped the requirements? Here is an Argos Discount Code to use at the checkout.

12. Distributing the weight in our backpack

Divide your equipment into categories, such as rest (tent and sleeping bag), food (stove, food, and utensils), clothing (change, cloaks, and towel), toiletries, and travel items. You can separate them in plastic or Ziploc bags to prevent them from getting wet.
In the lowest part of the backpack, we will assemble the base. Use the change of clothes and the sleeping bag. We can put the tent, although there are people who prefer to hang it outside to take advantage of more space inside the backpack. It is better to avoid wearing the tent exposed. Outside the backpack, it can get dirty, entangled with branches, or it can be stolen.
On this basis and attached to the back, the heaviest items that require greater security should go, such as those in the kitchen. Everything heavy must be next to our back, so we will avoid altering our center of gravity. Otherwise, we could easily fall and lose our balance, not to mention low back pain.
At the top, put delicate objects that we need by hand, such as our camera and the water cape.


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In the small pockets put knives, sunglasses, and all those items that we need to have on hand in case of need, along with a small travel kit. Visit the Argos online store. Here is a fantastic discount on our Argos Voucher Code.
Documents can go in the “special” and secure compartments that are arranged in current backpacks. Along with them, you can also put books that every traveler should read.
Remember that you have a side pocket on the outside in which you can carry a bottle of water, as well as an assigned space for trekking poles. Remember to bring these items only when you are holding the backpack. If you take a plane or a long-distance bus, you must leave everything in your bag. Do not miss to place your orders via Argos Discount Code.

Many backpacks today have fanny packs. If this is your case, do not miss them. Take some cash, your cell phone, and many other best items to have on hand, such as these everyday objects that can save your life when traveling.

Several campers learned these lessons through experience and through difficult times during their journeys, but it will not be your case. The most important thing is the attitude you have towards camping. It would help if you got the idea that camping is synonymous with discomfort out of your head. If someone ever told you that camping is horrible because they had a bad experience, they probably did not follow one of these tips.

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These are essential tips to camp. If you follow them, we are sure that your experience will be unforgettable and you will be able to share it with your traveling friends. You will see that sleeping under the stars has an incomparable charm. And, for our valuable NHS workers and staff, find Argos NHS discount online. Click on the Argos Discount Code NHS and enjoy exclusive savings.

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