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How To Delight Customers On Amazon

Amazon offers so many choices that customers can choose from, so how do you make your brand or product stand out? How can you make your customers feel special?

Amazon success is about delivering great customer service and a great product. You want your customers to be happy with your product, no matter what it is.

Ways to create a positive brand experience

Brand experience can be described as the sensations, feelings and cognitions that brand-related stimuli evoke in brand-related stimuli.

It is important to create a brand that people can recognize and trust.

Amazon’s business models such as wholesale and Amazon retail arbitrage don’t require much brand building effort from the seller. You’re typically sourcing products directly from well-respected brands, so there’s no need to convince customers of their quality.

You don’t get the benefit of a well-established brand image if you sell your private label products.

Your brand’s success depends on delighting your customers or “over-delivering”. This means giving customers an experience that is beyond their expectations and creating a positive impression about your brand. Customers expect to leave a purchase feeling satisfied. However, delighting customers means going above and beyond this basic satisfaction.

Ecommerce brands are unable to delight customers the same way brick-and-mortar retailers can because online purchases don’t take place. There are many other ways that you can over-deliver your customers online and build a positive brand image. These are the top strategies.

1. Create great packaging

Your product packaging will be the first thing that customers see when they open an Amazon box. Make sure it is memorable and distinctive.

Your brand’s packaging is an important part of your brand’s identity. Visually appealing packaging is a way to make your brand stand out from the rest. It can be used to direct customers to contact information, social media accounts, or instructions on how to use the product.

2. Provide an unexpected “gift” with your product

Do you remember the mysterious toys that were in your cereal boxes? The surprise factor made breakfast an exciting experience. You didn’t know which version you would get until you opened the cereal box. Amazon can make your products even more joyful by including unexpected items to their packages.

Amazon prohibits you from promoting your product with language such as “free gift with purchase”. This is a violation of Amazon’s policy that will result in you being penalized. You can surprise your customers by giving them a gift.

Although these are small gestures, your customer will be grateful for the extra “something”.

3. Don’t over-promise in your listing copy

All of us believe our products are the best. We want customers to feel that way. However, this is not always true. Overselling in your listing is not a good idea. Customers may be disappointed when they actually get the product. If you advertise your product using high-quality materials, but in reality you used the lowest quality options, this can lead to disappointment.

Too many listings “oversell” their products. They boast about how great they can be or how superior they are to the competition. It is important to communicate your competitive advantage, but not in an overly optimistic way.

A negative review is often caused by customer anger and frustration. In fact, it is the second most common reason customers leave a review. While it’s important to include compelling content in your Amazon listing, you must also be honest about what you’re selling. It is important to over promise in your listing but underdeliver with your product.

4. Offer a discount on their next purchase

Everybody loves a discount and people are more inclined to use deal-finding technology online to find great deals. Low prices are a great way for customers to buy from you again, and to attract new customers.

You can offer customers a discount by including a product insert in each product package. It’s possible to say, “Thanks!” Use this code …” to get 15% off your next Amazon purchase

This strategy is great for everyday products such as soap and paper products. Customers will be less likely to shop elsewhere if they know they’ll get a great deal the next time they need dish detergent.

Amazon prohibits sellers from diverting traffic to other ecommerce websites and prohibits them from soliciting positive reviews.

5. Understand the importance of customer service

FBA is Amazon’s way of fulfilling your Amazon orders. Sometimes, however, customers may contact you directly to complain.

FBM or FBA, customer service is essential. Amazon is a marketplace where every interaction counts and customer service can make or destroy your business.

Even if the customer is wrong, the seller needs to remain calm and listen to their viewpoint. You will lose the sale if you get defensive and insist on the customer’s fault, and you will most likely receive negative reviews.

Your interactions with customers are a reflection of your brand. Customers will not want to do business anymore with a brand that provides a bad experience.

It is not worth fighting with someone about their shopping experience. Instead, treat them with kindness. If you respond quickly to every issue in a calm and helpful manner, angry customers will be more likely to change their mind. Don’t use canned responses. Instead, personalize your communications. This will let the customer know that you are paying attention to their particular issue.

6. Offer fast shipping 

This is a simple one. FBA is a way to fulfill Amazon orders. Amazon will deliver your products to your customers in a matter of days.

FBM and Amazon Seller-fulfilled Prime are different. You still need to make sure your shipping and handling times meet the expectations of typical Amazon customers. Send your orders as soon as possible. Customers are happier when they receive their orders promptly, especially if they can be surprised by receiving their packages earlier than expected.


It is essential to create a positive experience for Amazon customers in order to earn great reviews, build brand awareness and develop a loyal customer base. It is difficult to grow an Amazon business, but loyal customers will make it easier for you as an entrepreneur.

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