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Things to Know When Traveling to San Francisco

San Francisco is a city of food, history, and amazing neighborhood. With an amazing backdrop, the city is one of the best destinations in the US. Come here with your family and make amazing memories. But before you head to the city, we have a few things for you to keep in mind. Read the article till the end to know everything about San Francisco. 

  • Go Without a Car

San Francisco is an amain place to viit. But the only drawback of the city is the parking. Finding a parking spot in any corner of the place is a nightmare. However, there are many public transports available so that the tourists do not face any issues. Lyfts, Ubers, and other cab divers are available 24*7 in San Francisco. You can also take a bus ride or a train journey to visit different places in the city. And the best part is that all these transports are easily affordable to everyone. Another way to travel here is booking a car rental from the United Airlines en español website. 

  • Take note of the weather

San Francisco is a city of changing weather. Since it is located near hill landscapes, the weather here changes after every mile you travel. It can get very chilly during winters and extremely hot during summers. So you must take notice of the weather before you decide to travel to the city. Try to carry layers that you can easily put on or take off whenever needed. 

  • Visit Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge is th most visited tourist site in the city. It is a must-visit place when you are in san Francisco. To get the perfect view of the town and the bay surrounding it, take a walk along the span to Marin. The place is best visited in th morning when it is less crowded. Additionally, make sure to visit the c=visior’s center, which is a great place near the Golden gate Bridge.  

  • Head to Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is a great neighborhood in San Francisco to explore. There are many hidden gems in this area that not many people know about. Although we would suggest, you avoid going to Pier 39, but Pier 40 has many great restaurants for you to get a taste of their local cuisine. Since it is close to the coastal area, you will find amazing and fresh seafood ehre. After a great dinner, head to Ghirardelli Chocolate factory to bite into some of the best desserts you will ever get. If you are looking to grab some great drinks, you can visit the Buena Vista Cafe. 

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  • Go to Ferry Building

Love bu the locals, Ferry building, is a get spot to see in San Francisco. From amazing coffee to delicious dinner, this place is a small heaven for every foodie. To taste the most delicious cheese in th city, head to Bay Area. If you are here for a week, make sure you visit the Ferry building on Saturday, when massive Farmer lines up the place’ produce. If you just want to soak in the views, take a walk along the financial district, bay Bridge, and the bay of Angel Island. 

  • Explore Different Restaurants 

If you are a foodie and want to explore different dishes, you are at the right place. San Francisco is the perfect tourist destination for every foodie in the world. The city is filled with many 5 star restaurants to street stalls selling delicious food around the year. Some of the most loved restaurants in the town are Taddich Grill ad Prime Rib. San Francisco is the only city with the highest restaurant per capita income in the US. Every time you visit, make sure you go to a new place since the city opens up new Michelin star restaurants every year.  

  • Visit the San Francisco neighborhood

San Francisco is a very safe city, and the locals are very friendly and welcome tourists with open arms. To get the best out of the city on your trip to San Francisco, make sure you explore the different neighborhoods. Head to downtown and Union Square. You can grab quick bites from some of the best places while you take a walk at these places. Amazing homemade food is served at North beach, experimental cocktails at the Top of the Mark, and the list can go on. You and your family would love it here for sure. 

  • Check out museums in San Francisco

To explore th history of the city, there are many museums spread all over the place. You can head to SFMOMA downtown and the California Historical Society for the history of the 31st union. Other amazing museums here are The Legion Of Honor that gives tribute to the warriors, Asian Art Museum for some of the best art pieces of the locals. If you are traveling with your kid, then The Exploratorium is the best place to visit. 

If you are planning to visit San Francisco, call Alaska airlines en español telefono to book amazing travel packages, including flights, hotels, and car rentals all in one place. 

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