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Things to keep in mind while selecting a WordPress theme for your website

When you plan to develop your website in WordPress, you will come across thousands of themes. It is not possible to check all the themes as it will take days or maybe months so, here are a few tips to narrow down the themes that are the best fit for your requirement without investing much time.

It is most important to choose the right theme from the right custom WordPress development services provider as it will be the prime element that will represent your online business and will affect your business for many upcoming years.  Your theme should be responsive, should give an unforgettable experience to your website users across all devices, and should load in the blink of an eye. 

Before you buy any theme or invest time to perform customization on any theme, have a look at the do’s and don’ts of selecting a WordPress theme 

Do’s And Don’ts Of Choosing A WordPress Theme

Prepare a list of Primary Features

Before going for a theme, you should invest time in creating a list of the features that you want in your website. Features List will help you narrow down themes easily. Along with features, you should have an idea about the look and feel of your website like you want a single-column theme or a multiple-column theme.

If you come across a theme that matches your design and features requirements, just select it. If you would go with a theme that offers more features than your requirement then it will create unnecessary clutter in your website.

Don’t go with a loaded theme

Many custom WordPress development services providers provide feature-rich themes and you might also think that a feature-rich theme will be nice for your website as it will attract more people but it can badly affect your website performance in the long run. Don’t go with every feature that you think is cool as it will affect the website loading speed as well.  

Choose Responsive Theme

Whether your visitors view your website from Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile, they will get unforgettable and unique experiences across all devices. If you like the theme and it is not responsive then please don’t worry there are multiple web design and development services providers who can make your website fully responsive. 

Keep color combinations in your mind

Almost all online marketing is based on appearance and appealing colors also increase brand recognition. Have the logo in the colors you want and try to match the website color scheme with the logo and if you don’t get the theme as per your required colors then don’t worry at all as it is easy to customize theme colors. 

If you are confused between light or dark themes then generally, a major part of the visitors like light-colored themes so until and unless it is necessary, go with the light-colored theme. 

Premium Themes give you added advantage

If you have a strict budget then a free theme is best for you but it is always better to go with premium themes. There might be a chance that in the case of a free theme you don’t get up to the mark quality coding, regular theme updates, or priority support. 

Go with WooCommerce Theme for eCom Website

If you want to start an eCommerce website then make sure to go with the theme in which the WooCommerce development services provider has already integrated WooCommerce as it will reduce the major time and cost of theme customization.

Another advantage of going with WordPress is you can change the theme easily anytime. Hopefully, this article helps you shorten the selection process and help you select the best theme for your website. 

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