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The role of power press and plater machine in metal industry

Power Press Machine

The power press machine is heavy-duty equipment that is used for bending, cutting, and pressing workpieces into various sizes and shapes. The press mechanism adjusts for each workpiece based on built-in functions and settings that are simple to use and maintain. It can form a variety of heavy-duty metals with ease.

The basis of operation of the Power Press Machine:

The principle of a power press machine is to reconstruct the metal sheet by supplying the needed force. A bed, ram, clutch, flywheel, and crankshaft are the main components. The operation can be initiated, by placing the workpiece on the bed with upper and lower dies are attached to the ram of the machine as a result of the concurrently forcing of top and decrease dies, pressing and shaping duties are completed.

Types of Equipment Used In Power Press Machine:

Pillar type: This equipment is safe, dependable, and capable of performing a wide range of tasks.

Hydraulic Power Press: A hydraulic cylinder to use strain and compressive strength to the workpiece.

C type power press: One of the key properties of the C type power press machine is the ability to mold and shape the workpiece into desired shapes.

Safety Measures:

The machine falls in the category of heavy machines, so it is really important to take care of a few guidelines while using the power press machine at a workshop or factory.

  • Switch the machine off when not in use.
  • Post the working instructions of the machine or make a manual for the operator to follow.
  • Train the person responsible for operating the machine properly.
  • Every person must know the working of the machine thoroughly.


  1. Because of its metal bending efficiency, the machine is commonly used in the manufacturing business.
  1. Most commonly used in the automobile, cycling, engineering, and electrical sectors.
  1. A hydraulic cylinder, which performs all of the machine’s duties, generates a compressive force.

Benefits Of Power Press Machines:

  1. It transforms the workpiece by using operations such as the press, trims, disassembles, and assembles, among others.
  1. Due to its toughness and longevity, the power press machine may easily survive a long time with no maintenance.
  1. The machine is really easy to operate. It’s simple to set up and costs little, to begin with.
  1. The machine’s compact form and versatility allow us to move it around the workplace freely.

5. earlier the task of urgent and shaping turned into finished manually, this gadget has resulted inside the huge saving of attempt and exertions.

Planer Machine:

The planer machine is used for making a flat floor into the workpiece. It’s a powerful machine. The workpiece is fixed to the platen to make sure that the planer gadget runs easily (desk-like shape).

The bed and table, cross rail, housings, and tool heads are the primary components of the planer machine. A device is established on the reciprocating ram of the Planer devicewhich is rigidly hooked up on a machine table. The tool slices the workpiece by giving a forward stroke with the help of the reciprocating ram.


  1. Finishing a flat and curved surface to perfection.
  2. Angle cutting with accurate joint measurements.
  3. Carving out deep grooves and holes in the workpiece.

Types Of Planer Machines :

There are various types of Planer machines, each fulfills a separate purpose.

  1. Divided table planer
  2. Double Housing Planer
  3. Open side planer machine
  4. Plate or edge planer

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